Launcher and Omega/Alpha account login suggestions

I thought of this since the price increase… Since it would enable us to get a little bit more enjoyment out of the costs of a sub.

If you have an omega activated in your launcher:

  • Allow 2 to 5 (values to be determined) alpha accounts to login at the same time PER LAUNCHER.

  • You can still login unlimited omegas at the same time regardless.

  • So essentially, you can play unlimited omegas with 2-5 alphas too. Or another example would be 1 omega with 2-5 alphas that you can login.

  • If you are only an alpha player, you can only login one account per launcher as is the functionality now.

I would like to think with this idea, players would want to slowly progress the alphas into omegas as their skills increase.

So more free stuff then?
More throw-away alpha accounts for every omega account.

Alpha is supposed to be a ‘trial’ account used to try the game before moving onto Omega and supporting CCP.

Its not supposed to be a free fleet of dosposable alts.


No. Just…no.

Basically, you want anyone who has a single Omega account to be able to use a mining barge and also log in 2 to 5 Alpha accounts at once to use as Miasmos ore haulers…

Are they? Why did CCP specifically move away from the model of trial accounts and full accounts then?

They just changed it from trying the full game for a limited time to trying a part of the game indefinitely

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