Alpha restriction login thingie on launcher

(Magnus Orion) #1

For the last 20 mins ive been trying to login a alpha charecter of mine, but it keeps telling me their is another charecter logged in, when their isnt, i close the launcher wait 5 or so mins to let launcher refresh and try again and still says same thing,

CCP really needs to fix this issue as it get’s really annoying very quickly

(Whitehound) #2

Check that you don’t have any dead process hanging around.

Did you try rebooting the PC and try it then?

(Magnus Orion) #3

yep i did submit a ticket awhile ago to ccp about this they told me what to do. i did all they said and its still being a noob

(Gaius Mileghere) #4

this could be a compounded issue to do with the node death maybe?

(Solonius Rex) #5

Did you try asking them which other account is logged in? You could try logging into that specific character, then log out to try and rectify this problem.

(Bibosikus) #6

This is a issue that needs fixing. It is fully pointless. I can log in a alpha and omega using my laptop and my pc but for some reason CCP want to hinder the poor people. It is just a shallow pathetic attempt to encourage people to subscribe. Anyone with the motivation to miss use alphas find a way around it. The rest of us are just annoyed by it.

(Balos Tritapo) #7

There is no issue just a dau who don’t knows how to handle his computer

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #8

I know yesterday sometime, I had both Alpha and Omega logged in together on the same PC, later, not so much… I thought they lifted the restriction, but I guess not.

(Balos Tritapo) #9

Why should they lift it?

Because botters would have it easier?

Non payers have WAY too much in this game,should be less not more…

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #10

I didnt say they should. I assumed since I logged in both, that it was lifted. I came back and I couldn’t do it. Less or not, it was mentioned they are looking at revamping alphas again

(Solonius Rex) #11

Thats like saying “ive been botting for the last 3 weeks and ive yet to be banned, so i thought ccp allowed botting” . The eula is very strict on this. Always has been. Never changed.

(system) #12

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