Strange Issue

So been trying to login another toon he’s an alpha, i have no other accounts open, but for some reason it keeps telling me

You are unable to login this account because it would violate, The clone state alpha Login restriction, A clone state cannot be logged in at the same time as any other account.

Troubleing part is that is the only account im trying to login, ive had this happen before on another account, that gave me the same message, despite only haveing 1 account trying to be logged in

Only time Ive had this issue is that there is another account running in your task bar but not on your windows session. It takes a few minutes to clear, 5-10 mins or so, and then you can log in your Alpha account. Its quite annoying frankly but it also might be CCP trying to makes sure that you dont log in multiple Alphas from the same machine which would also be a smart thing.

So wait a few minutes and try again. If the issue persists and its been a long time, say 15 minutes or more, Id try a petition to CCP about it. If it only applies to Alpha accounts or omegas too let them know theyll sort it out but I havent had the issue in ages.

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