Cannot Log In Alpha Account

I’ve let one of my accounts slide to Alpha, and was trying to log in to see what they had to determine if I need to de-ice her, but cannot. I have ALL EVE CLIENT shut down, but I get the error:

“You are unable to login with this account because it would violate the Clone State Alpha login restriction. A Clone State Alpha account cannot be logged in at the same time as any other account.”

Please note that, per the above, ALL EVE CLIENTS are shut down when I get this message. So, is this a bug or am I missing something seriously obvious?

Kinda sounds like a bug. Reboot and try again, but I don’t think you are missing anything. If all other clients are properly shut down, you should be able to log in. Otherwise, file a petition.

Funny enough, this just happened to me as well. I was switching between alpha accounts and found I was lock out of all of both my alpha and omega accounts.

I was able to fix it by relogging into the last account (the game allowed me to go back into that one) and then logging out again. Then I had access to all the other accounts as normal. I guess some anti-cheat flag isn’t being set properly on log-off.

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