Secondary toons

anyone having login issues, i want to load same account to load my other toons but cant login wo getting connected

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if you are using the launch group button and only one account logged in, on the launcher close the clients that didn’t launch by hitting the grey square in the circle and launch them one by one. having this issue a couple of days, sometimes they all log in ok, other times i have to do the above, hope this helps.

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only one account, but 3 toons, i used to be able open both at same time

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you’re not supposed to be able to open more than one toon per account.


Whats your secret? Please tell me i’ll keep it quiet honest xD

when did they change that?

Further this, only one alpha account at a time.
If one of your alts sub has lapsed that’ll screw with it too.

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omega here

On all accounts?

only have one account

Then you need a separate paid/plexd account to log a second on at the same time.

Its been this way for as long as I’ve been playing and as far as I’m aware, was always this way.

:frowning: cant pay more then one account

Then go shoot someone in the face and take their stuff, sell it and buy a plex.

Edit: for clarity, in game , obviously.


they didn’t change anything. there was however a glitch you might say where people could log in more than one toon, alphas included.

not allowed :shushing_face:

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ah ok since new launcher solve issues

thank for all info learn new things


you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Scary that we have to clarify this, isn’t it?

2 Likes is the correct section for this post.

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For as long as I can remember, you’ve never been able to login more than one character on the same account.

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