Log onto account under same email

how? for example i have untimely avengest and freedom avengest under the same email but i can only hit the play button once and play one at a time

Is one (or both) of the accounts an Alpha account? You can’t launch 2 Alpha accounts at the same time, or an Omega and an Alpha at the same time, the Launcher won’t let you. You are not allowed to play an Alpha account at the same time as any other account on the same PC.

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not that you know how your limited to 3 characters per account

Do you mean you want to play more than one character at the same time on the same account? Because that’s impossible.

The only officially permitted way you can have 2 characters active at the same time is to have 2 Omega accounts.

why is that? i hope they change it

because unlimited disposable free accounts would break this game in more ways than you realise are possible.

if you want more than one character online at once, you have to pay for it like the rest of us.

Yes plz 100 PLEXs for ability to launch my twink :sunglasses:

Is it even technologically feasible?

The launcher does let you start your client(s) regardless if they are Alpha or Omega, however the Server wont let you connect additional accounts if they are Alpha:

  • If you have 1 Alpha already connected, server wont let you connect with any other account.
  • if you have 1 Omega already connected, Server wont let you connect with any Alpha account(s) but will allow as many Omega as your PC can run.

I would also like to point out that the limitation on how many accounts you can run, are applied to you as a person and not by how many PC(s) you may have. So even if you have a million PCs you are (as a single person) still only allowed to play on 1 Alpha account, but you could run a million Omega (if you had that many).

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