Multiboxing Alpha accounts

I was visiting a friend of mine who used to be an Omega player and he showed me his “cool new trick” where he has 10-20 VM windows open each running a single Alpha account. He could control all accounts almost simultaneously and was actually pretty cool.

My question is, since he is not botting / scripting / macroing, is this kind of a loop hole, or is he doing something not intended by game design? Just asking, since if it is so easy, I could run my main character with a dozen Alphas just grinding my way to richness (well, I am filthy rich, but richernesesses)


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Multiple Clients running at once
Not available, if there is a client logged into an Alpha account, no additional EVE clients can be started past the character selection screen, independent of their state.’’

Your friend is breaking the rules, and so will you, if you try to bypass this and log in multiple Alpha clone clients at once using VMware.


The rule is very simple: For a given player (ie. human being) you can run exactly one Alpha or as many Omegas as you want. Under no circumstances can you run multiple Alphas or Alphas alongside Omegas at the same time. Your friend is asking to be permabanned; I would advise him to cease and desist immediately.


Ok, yea I have no interest in doing it, but if it were legal I would consider it.

He is breaking the rules but there’s no way they’ll manage to shut him down permanently

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He’ll probably get banne 100% :slight_smile:

Is this even something which you have to think about asking about?

You can’t run more than a single alpha account at one time, without having to take some specific steps. This would suggest, even without a read of the EULA (which you have read, right?), that CCP don’t want you doing this.

Which suggests that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t do it?

It’s not some clever use of game mechanics. It’s deliberately subverting a restriction that kicks in before your character has fully loaded.


Do the right thing and report him. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just tell your friend to have fun and don’t talk about it anymore…

I find it very tough to believe the OP.

First off, doesn’t sound like the OP is sure if it’s Omega or Alpha accounts.

Secondly, not even sure of the amount of active accounts, 10 to 20 is quite a large spread.

Third, to control multiple accounts almost simultaneously there definitely has to be some sort of botting / scripting / macroing happening.

Lastly, the OP’s question could have easily been answered by the supposed friend.

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Maybe the OP is trying to point out the large gaping hole

What “large gaping hole”? This exact scenario is already covered by the rules not permitted.

And be prepared to lose all your accounts.

Oh you are right im sorry, saying that something is not permited is totaly sufficient to prevent people from doing it.


Despite that gif, you must be having some trouble reading. Where did anyone in the thread say that the rules would prevent people from doing it? It’s fine though, I can explain.

We are saying that it’s not allowed by the rules. No one has said it would prevent anyone from trying to bypass the rules.

If you want to suggest ways to guarantee that someone cannot bypass it, feel free to come up with some ideas. :slight_smile:

You are right about one thing, i have trouble understanding you

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Learn to read.

You are right.

There is a large, gaping hole in the brain of everyone in CCP who thought that alphas will be good idea.

They can ban thousands of accounts each month, this will not solve anything.


A good solution if you fly with Alpha char more than 1 month, you will get permanent suspekt on :smile:


As with all things EVE, multiboxing alphas is an exploit… until it isn’t.

If CCP/PA run the numbers and it turns out they’ll make more profit allowing it, it will move from the exploit column to the feature column. This has happened so many times since I started playing (as well as the reverse - features becoming exploits) that my best advice is to just do what you want.

Nothing really matters with this company. They’ve never been, and never will be, consistent with their rules.