Either it's a bug or a problematic feature, but you can open multiple Alpha/Omega accounts at the same time on the same computer

Supposedly the launcher prevents you from doing this, but there’s a problem: it doesn’t. You can have as many accounts of as many types open and doing things as the computer can handle. I asked about the legality before I even got out of the starting zone, and the moment I found out I logged from my alts and stuck to my main.

So like… why can you do it if it’s not allowed?

We’re not allowed to talk about the why’s or how’s …
… because it’s not allowed to have two alphas …
… or alpha and omega …
… running on the same machine at the same time.

No, it’s not. You simply believe this somehow isn’t widely known already.

I’ve filed a ticket about one way of pulling it off many months ago.
I’m pretty sure it’s still possible. Maybe you even found the same procedure.

Most people are unaware … and that’s how it should be.
That’s why we’re not talking about the hows and whys.

So … whatever you did … keep it to yourself.


Its a problematic feature. Otherwise known as “exploit”.

Well, whatever. Given I momentarily did it and then got told it’s not allowed, what’s the chance I get punished for doing it when I don’t do it again (because it isn’t allowed apparently, despite all of the people bragging about multiboxing 15 accounts)?

Zero, you have zero chance of being banned, zero. If you persist you will be warned or suspended & if then continue you theb might be banned.

RMT a cent & you risk all account ban & ban for anyone you engage with isk or asset wise.

Oh. Fair enough. Neat.

You can multibox 15 accounts if they are all omega. No problem there.


Yeah, EVE support confirmed that: it’s an issue, my account won’t be banned for it, that I won’t do it again, and that I need to file a bug report on the issue.

Hold it right there.

Who is he to claim that it is impossible for you to get banned over this?

Is he a GM? Is he a dev?
Can you be absolutely sure?


Please. Seriously.
Don’t believe him.

You’re not getting banned now
… but that doesn’t guarantee you won’t get banned next time.


I contacted EVE support about it the moment I opened this thread. The reply above yours explains lol

I’m pointing out that a 0% chance means that you will never ever get banned for it.

You can be sure that doing it intentionally will get you banned when you’re getting caught,
because otherwise you might just tell everyone else to do it because nothing happens anyway.

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Brewlar is salty. Take anything he says or gives advice on, with grain of salt.

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Take an ocean’s worth of salt when it comes to Brewlar. The disinformation and bias is real. He’s the Alex Jones of EVE.


SYSTEM> Dinsdale joined the chatroom.

The Richard Linklater to my Alex Jones.

Yes, you may be able to open multiple alpha accounts, sometimes in conjunction with omega accounts; but doing so is not a good idea.

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