Is using multiple accounts at a same time prohibited?

Is using multiple accounts at a same time prohibited?

It’s encouraged, otherwise they wouldn’t force you to make a cyno on a separate account before your capital ship could jump to it.

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You can run as many accounts as you like as long as they are all Omega accounts.

Once you throw Alpha accounts into the mix, the prohibitions start.

You are not allowed to run more than one Alpha account at a time, and you are not allowed to run an Alpha and an Omega account at the same time either.


Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, unless all the accounts logged in are subscribed ‘Omega’ accounts.

Multiboxing is a feature only allowed to paying subscribers, and even then only with their accounts that have an active subscription.

You can multibox by paying with isk.

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Yes, it is possible to subscribe multiple accounts, and thus enable mutiboxing, by using in-game currency.

I would caution a new player though that earning such currency isn’t a trivial, for even a veteran player. It requires significant amount of game play, and for a new player is pretty much impossible for any normal person. I would not even consider trying to grind enough in-game resources to pay for a subscription, let alone two, until your character has at least six months training under their belt, and even then I recommend you consult more veteran players for guidance on how to do so most efficiently to prevent excessive grinding from making you hate the game.


“Multiboxing” is allowed, whether that means multiple computers with each running one account, or multiple instances of EVE running on the same computer.

Automation of multiboxing is not allowed; you cannot use any software / macro programs, or programmable keypads, mice, etc., to control or send commands to multiple EVE instances with a single key press or “all at the same time.” You must manually alt-tab or switch to each instance of EVE, then order your ship in that instance around, then switch to the next instance of EVE.

So because of this, people usually multibox leisure activities like mining, or support activities like fleet buffs / healing. Trying to do combat by controlling multiple accounts or multiple ships at the same time will usually get you killed. PVE is somewhat doable, PVP is very likely to just get you killed.

CCP actively looks for, and bans, people who try to automate / bot, and esp. multibox bot.

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You can run multiple accounts just fine and be within the rules of CCP as long as they are Omega status accounts.

Alpha accounts are restricted to 1 at a time logged in. Launcher will restrict it on same computer, if you use more than 1 computer, it is still restricted per TOS/EULA.

Automation/botting is not allowed.

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