Alphas can multi-box?

I don’t know if this is a glitch but when launching eve through steam you can have multiple alpha accounts running, I don’t know if this is a glitch because if so it should be patched


No, alphas aren’t supposed to be able to multi-box. That doesn’t mean they don’t do it, they just aren’t supposed to…

I know you can have multiple alpha clients up at once. But it shouldn’t let you log into more than one at a time (this is what’s intended anyway). Were you able to actually log in to multiple alphas, or just launch their clients?

If you can actually have them logged in then it’s a glitch.

No, you are only allowed to multibox if all your accounts you use at the same time are omega.

Does not really matter if there is away around the technical limitations, if they find out you do it they will probably ban you.

if you use more then 1 computer, IE two towers 2 screens 2 computers you can have 2 alpha’s logged in at once.

It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you are allowed to do.
You agreed to the terms of service that say that you (the person, not your computer) are only allowed to play one Alpha at a time.

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No. Alpha account rules are one allowed per person active at any time. If you wish to fly more than that personally you need subscriptions. Granted I wouldn’t consider trading something to yourself an abuse of that function but I am not CCP.

Multiple computers are optional if they are all omega. It’s a question of how many accounts the pc can manage. Alpha accounts have an additional restriction of if there is one active on a computer NO other accounts can be loaded on that computer.

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Not sure why you are quoting me, I said nothing about additional computers. The rules are pretty clear, you are not allowed to multibox alphas. It does not matter if you have one or multiple machines or whatever.

Multiboxing can be both additional computers or the amount of instances a single computer can load. Topic is about “alphas can multi-box?” which would need people to understand 1 alpha account is for one player and any pc that loads it can not launch another eve instance. An Omega and an Alpha can not be loaded on the same machine. One player on two Alpha accounts is a no no regardless of if they use two machines. Putting two Alpha accounts on one machine is hacking and thus will very likely result in instant permabans for the player.

The rule is not designed to kill a group of people each with their own pc and alpha account because they’re on the same lan but applies to the person.

Lol, no, that is most certanly not the right term.

Again, it does not matter if it is on the same machine or not. Multiboxing alphas is against the EULA. It does not matter how you do it.

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Uh… yes it is… the client is designed to check if an alpha account is loaded. Bypassing this restriction requires adjustment of the client to ignore alpha accounts existing. I screwed up once and tried to launch an alpha account while the other was still in game and couldn’t load until the first went offline. Interesting thing to learn when you go from Omega on your main account to Alpha and then try to switch to an alpha account…

No, you don’t have to modify the client at all. There are simpler ways to do that like sandboxing the application. And hacking is still not the right term.

Sandboxing the client to prevent it from detecting if an alpha account is loaded is by definition altering the client’s ability to preform it’s function via code prevention. Otherwise it would have ability to do it’s basic function.

Just because you don’t alter the client code doesn’t mean you didn’t hack the data input it should have gotten. I’m going to leave it at that. No hacking client program. Bad idea.

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Lol, I sandbox applications all the time because I don’t trust them with full access to the system. That does not mean I “hack” them.

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