Multibox requirements?

Looking at some of the recruitment posts, and many require players to at least dual box, if not multi box.

Is that a norm in EVE? A main omega account and alt alpha accounts I assume or are they paying for multiple omega accounts?

I already feel so far behind in everything, this is just another very big hurdle if that’s how so many play this game.

No. You most certainly do not have to multibox.

Also you cannot multibox alphas. You may only have one alpha account logged in at any time, but you can have as many omega accounts logged in as you want.

You also cannot have an alpha and omega logged in together.

Don’t be discouraged about “being behind” its not a race to the top.

Multiboxing has its advantages, (like using an alt to scout ahead if you are hauling, or if you wanna go behind your main character to loot/salvage what you destroyed)

If a Corp is going to keep you from joining cause you don’t have an alt, then it’s not the corp for you.


If they require multiboxing then they’re slave drivers.


When you say logged in at the same time, do you mean multiple toons under 1 login ID? Or a toon under a separate login ID?

Multiple accounts. Like my soe arc alt is on a completely different account than Geo here. When they were both omega I could log both accounts on together.

My third account was alpha, so I couldn’t log it on with the other two logged in.

Thanks for the info, did not know about the Omega / Alpha account restrictions.

So if I wanted to, for example, have an account that does nothing but salvage for my main account then they would both have to be Omega accounts, even if it’s a separate account? And they are good at detecting/banning people abusing that by having Alpha accounts running on VM’s or similar?

I don’t plan on doing this, but trying to realize how systems work.

If they have separate login ID’s, what does it matter? How does the system know they are the same RL person? :thinking:

It will not allow you to log in an alpha and omega. It will stop you. Trying to skirt and go around will get you a ban hammer.

Exactly, so both have to be payed (by plex or subbed).

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they would have to be separate accounts, you cannot log in two characters on one account at the same time.


Thanks, that’s reassuring actually, assuming they can and do regularly detect people who are boxing a bunch of alpha accounts through VM’s or something.

I thought for a moment I was getting into a game where I was 20 years behind the skill point gap AND multiply that by however many accounts everyone is boxing.

as far as the skillpoint gap, thats why there are skill injectors that you can purchase with isk. to help mitigate the problem… but they do have diminishing returns… but overall however, actual player skills, can trump in game skills any day.

First off all, Geo made some really good points, especially this one:

So, don’t worry about what other people are doing. You don’t need to be able to multibox 4 dreads, have 200 million SP, or make 1.5 billion isk an hour in order to be competitive or have fun. In fact, this is one of the things that makes this game so great. Truth is, the biggest thing holding you back will be your player skill. However, that will cost you nothing to improve, and there is no limit to how quickly you can grow as a player.

Second, multiboxing is not required to be competitive. But if that’s the case, why do some corps require it? Well, I haven’t asked, but if I had to wager a guess, I’d say that they probably do it in order to (1) help keep a tight-nit corp culture and/or (2) to implement a gatekeeper that “lets through more hardcore players while keeping out the filthy casuals.”

And just in case it wasn’t obvious, I don’t think you can measure how “hardcore” a player is by the number of accounts that he has, as there are some exceptionally skilled and hardcore players that only have one account (i.e. Stitch Kaneland).

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No idea since I personally don’t and refuse to do it.

But to each their own.

Remember each ship only requires a certain amount of skill points to fly, past that point it does not get any extra bonuses. Having a hundred million skill points only means you can fly a wider variety of ships.

There are some skills that benefit all ships - they are well worth training.

I wouldn’t join a corp that required you to multibox. While it can be useful to have other accounts it is definitely not a necessity. It should not be forced or expected. I routinely help corp members who only have one account to scout, light cynos, etc.


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