Multi character login

Hello my name is Mark also knowen as m dowe10 I have had many people come to me and complain about how you lifted the login of both Omega accounts with Alpha accounts at the same time then you put a band back on them when it was lifted I noticed in numbers of the amount of people loging in went higher then all of a sudden the numbers have gone down again since the block was put back on and people are up and riot about this all as I have had over several people that know me both In game and out of game contact me so if you could please concerta on lifting the block permanently as I am getting sick and tired of things like this happening and I am getting contacted every it all so please if you can do this it would be greatly appreciated from all of us that play Eve thank you

First of all CCP made it clear they don’t want you to multibox alpha with omega or multiple alphas.Secondly your sentence structuring could be done better by it I asume you’re under 18 and feel if you cry hard enough we’ll give a ■■■■

If CCP ever allow multiple alpha logins, I promise I will run a 20 account ganking fleet. These accounts will follow your characters around and blow them up on sight.

You could log multiple alphas at once until now.Didn’t you know?

You could, and it was a declared exploit (recently) and prior to that, explicitly disallowed.

Once the exploit was declared it was at least potentially a permanent ban on all accounts. Before that, you still could get in trouble for it.

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