Alpha with VPN?

So I hear people are using a VPN to bypass the alpha clone login restrictions. Is this being dealt with? Should I make ten alts and put them all around the system I’m in for free advantage over other players who follow the rules? How about one ibis defensive plexing every single system?

Stop this.

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It’s worse than you think

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Bypassing the login block is against the EULA and gets you banned, just don’t do it. It is not supposed to multibox alphas for a very good reason, as this just gives unfair advantages.

if you want to multibox, then upgrade these accounts to omega

And yet no one is getting baned for it

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Please get rid of alphas until this is resolved this is ridiculous if the rumors I’m hearing are true

His point is that everyone is currently doing just that, and he wants it to end.

How do you suggest CCP go about this?

Not my problem they’re the devs.

Fix. Your. ■■■■.

Want me to brainstorm solutions then pay me like I pay you for a game with no cheaters.

Can you elaborate on how it’s worse? I must be a masochist for asking.

My point is that you obviously have no idea if what you’re asking for is even possible.

Come on dude calm down. It’s a crap loophole, but it’s a lot harder to prevent than you’re allowing for in your rant.

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Actually it’s as simple as making the game sub only. As for the technicals it’s not my responsibility as a paying customer. Fact is there’s a huge problem and it needs to stop or be made legal so no one has an advantage. That or remove local chat from alphas, remove their ability to plex, etc even if temporary until this is fixed.

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Ah, the inevitable, predictable result of going free to play - you always open the door for exploiters, hackers, cheaters, and other undesirables within the gaming community. EVE was a safe-haven from that nonsense for over ten years, just by virtue of requiring a subscription.

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Never heard of such a thing.

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Considering that I haven’t even noticed, please explain how this is ‘game breaking’? I haven’t seen fleets of 101 ventures or griffins around…sooo where’s the actual damage?

Although, yes it needs to be fixed, but that will be quite hard to do.

they dont fly ventures they fly gilas/vnis or haulers and do mass null anom ratting or mass distribution missions


Subs protect games from bots and “buy gold now” spam, though not entirely. Having a bot account banned now means nothing as it costs nothing to create a new one and just try again. This is why most games with a trial feature or free to play element restrict the players from communicating, trading or pretty much anything that can influence a subscribing player. Problem is even if you keep banning the cheating alphas they’re still making more than they’re losing and thus winning.

I hate how most games now are veerying away from subscriptions, it was the best to pay and be on equal footing with anyone else who paid the usually minimal fee.

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Not entirely? Subs actually fail altogether to prevent it in the first place and we were having massive problems (economically speaking) with bots and macro users LOOOOONG before alphas became a thing. Just ask the Goons.

On that note I agree. Fair play.

Also agreed, but not just from Alphas.

Free to play, in any game, is pure cancer…


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