Multiple Alpha Accouts from different users in the same house using different pc's

So me have this old account and i started playing eve again but the thing is i have old accounts that i registred in the same email… so my question is my wife and kid wanna start playing to… each of us have a diferent computer will i be breaking the rules if we are all logged in at the same time playing togheter?
obviously ill be their sugger dady and take profit from it cuz i wanna plex my account to use my mackinaw and i will use them when they are playing to help me… will i be breaking the rules by doing so?

It’s a tough situation, so the question is not as much if your wife and child can play, it’s more about sharing your old accounts, which are registered to you, which are technically not allowed, but to be certain I would petition CCP and hear their take on it (I doubt it will be much of a problem), you can make a support ticket here:
At worst they’ll have to create their own account(s) where you can then transfer character to if you want to give them one of your old characters.

i already created ticket…
but i dont used the old account… so if i have a old account with some training that she can use there and save here some time why not… i now it can be consider multibox cuz she will be helping me to plex so that i can help both of them but i just dont want my account block :sadparrot:

tks any for the reply by the way.

Multiple Alpha Accouts from different users in the same house using different pc’s

as long as it is multiple physical PCs and no software to broadcast inputs between those PCs is used - it is perfectly legal to run several alpha accounts, imo.
But to be sure you should wait for response to your ticket from CCP.

So long as there are a person behind each pc, not the same person mind you, then you’re right.

The issue is with account sharing as I mentioned

is it really an issue if it is within a family? It is impossible to tell who is who anyway when they play from same household and connection (same external ip).

Theoretically no, which is why he is waiting for a reply from ccp as he does not want his accounts banned.

The answer from CCP…

Greetings, GM Whiskers here,

Thank you for contacting EVE Online Player Experience Team!

According to section 3 of EVE Online - End User License Agreement, you are not permitted to transfer your Account to another person. If you wish to discontinue your Account please refer to section 6 of EULA.

You may transfer a character from your Account to another account, either belonging to you or another person. This transfer option is available from the EVE Online Account Management web site:

It is not prohibited to play with your family on alpha accounts together. Restrictions are applied to use of multiple Alpha accounts (or Alpha and Omega accounts) simultaneously by the same person.

Hope this will clear the situation for you. If you’ll have any further questions please let me know.

Best Regards,
GM Whiskers
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

Just an FYI; it’s against the rules to share communication between CCP employees, GMs and ISDs and the consumer (player), or at least get the individuals permission to share it first, specifically I do not think it does any harm in this case. Just keep this in mind next time.

Although it doesn’t really solve the “issue” of sharing your account(s), not to be confused with transferring ownership, with your family, you’ll still be the owner of them but giving your family access (as in them knowing your account name and password). Did you specifically ask about account sharing?

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I know you mean well in posting his reply, which I knew the same answer he gave you. But unless you have permission, you cannot post anything ccp mails or sends you as a message. They dont want their messages to be skewed, so it’s in the rules you cannot post anything they say.

ohh srry didnt knew that :S

As sakimura said above, probably no harm in this instance, but try to refrain from it.

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So the only real issue in this particular case is that the accounts have the same email address :thinking::sunglasses:

If I may ask regarding Alpha and Omega accounts without creating a new thread as it sort of touches same topic.

Can the same person use multiple computers to log in to multiple Alpha accounts at the same time?

Also if I may ask one other question on the same thread.

Can one Alpha account and one or more(2) Omega account log in on the same computer at the same time?

Thank you for your time.

No. One person, one alpha account, is the rule. Alphas can’t be logged in alongside omegas, or together.

Regards to the topic, while I would never condone breaking the eula in any way, CCP are pretty lax with the account sharing rule, they only tend to bring it out if it’s required. So I’m not saying you should. Just that you could and it would probably be fine in theory all hypothetical.

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Prooflink needed where it says so for several physical PCs.

I reckon physically yes, but it’s against the EULA.

if it is, then some certain group of HS roleplayers flying/multiboxing fleets of alpha catalysts (and i doubt they have multiple PCs) should thave EULA enforced upon them.

Multiple Clients running at once
Not available, if there is a client logged into an Alpha account, no additional EVE clients can be started past the character selection screen, independent of their state.
Multiple Omega accounts may be logged in at one time, as long as no Alpha account is actively logged into on the same computer.

Also see EULA:
You may establish more than one Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one Account at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the Accounts you intend to use for that purpose.

So, that’s quite plain :wink: