Dual alpha accounts

I don’t know if this is the right place for this question but here goes…

Firstly I am well aware of the restrictions surrounding multiple accounts in Alpha state. However my son has shown an interest in EVE and wants to try it out. As we live in the same house are we allowed to both run alpha EVE accounts or would that get flagged as a violation of EULA?

How old is your son?

Several people in one household can use one Alpha account each - but I would recommend to register this with the support beforehand.

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Hi Traindriver. My son is 14 and has his own computer and would have his own account and character.

I too have… :counts: 17 kids, right about 17 perhaps one or two more. I’m also part of FRAT, just a coincidence obviously.

As far as I know CCP looks at more than just your IP when identifying users running multiple alpha accounts, but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

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To quote the EULA;
You may establish more than one Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one Account at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the Accounts you intend to use for that purpose.

So you see, they want your money. Pretty basic. I assume both you and your son play together (or attempted to do so) at the same time? They should take into account that more than one sibling would play at the same household IP address. Since the rating is T for Teen age restriction is 13, but it isn’t like the cyber police is looking for IDs. While I am very trusting of others, mega conglomerates such as Pearl Abyss ( yes they own CCP ) don’t trust anyone to be honest. Sorry to say it, but you will have to do one of 2 things;

  1. Contact customer support to see if they can assist you in the matter. It might require more than email and a little detective work. You may have to go over CCP and contact PA by phone. How is your Korean? Is it worth it?

  2. Resort to the illegal tactics that multi-botters use to run their clone armies across the server. However don’t ask anyone about it here, the forbidden topic would be closed, and anyone telling you would be suspect.

A while back, I thought my spouse might enjoy playing this game, but that account still lays dormant. My spouse is playing on Black Desert the other game owned by PA. All PvP games are getting very difficult for families to play together and this is a direct result caused by number 2 above and corporate greed.

Good luck and fly safe o7

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I would contact support and refer to what they say.


To be honest it’s really hard to tell because you’ve got users playing using shared public Wi-Fi and people using vpns all of this makes it very difficult to tell whether or not someone is using more than one alpha account at the same time unless both accounts have been used on the same machine at some point in time

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I would straight up say no. Lets NOT get around restrictions and pay CCP fairly.

CCP may not allow you to play both at the same time, but he is certainly allowed to play while you are not and vice versa. But if you choose to sub, both accounts need to be subbed not just one

The easiest way to get a Clarification about this, is to Submit a request – EVE Online

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Whilst I appreciate any and all feedback I feel I should explain and point out It’s not about getting around ‘paying CCP fairly’. I have always, until recently paid for 12 & 6 month subs. My play time has petered off to a degree that It’s not worth paying for the amount of time I spend playing. Hence playing Alpha right now.

My son, who has shown a recent interest in EVE and has watching me play, has additional learning needs and can have a very short attention span. Paying for a sub for him only to loose interest after a day or two does not encourage me to pay just yet. However IF he likes actually playing EVE and continues to play I may once again pay a sub for us both to play Omega.

Kind Regards


But would they actually do anything? Practical experience sas no.

My Partner was interested and played on Alpha on her computer while I played with my paid for accounts without an issue.

I did not even ask if that is an issue because I do not see that as an issue.

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Just to toss out the option, if Eve Online hadn’t already “panicked” and went with the free to play model, they should have done as Black Desert and did a $10 buy to play base game. About once a year - for only one week - Pearl Abyss gives away free $10 basic accounts. The catch is you must be aware when it will happen and play the account to level 50. I know that sounds like a lot, but level 50 can be done over a 3 day weekend. Since there is no leveling the goal would have to be skill based or some other factor.

However that ship has sailed, and from all outward appearances, the game needs more players lured in with the free to play model. The game is obviously making revenues, otherwise there would be no Plex in the market to purchase at all. The current available volume is roughly 600,000 Plex. Yet the indicators, such as begging omegas to invite alphas for free skill points, point to the lack of popularity with the 20 year old game.

At this point, I would think if CCP and PA desire to increase revenues by bolstering the player base, one solution would be to make some sort of special dispensation for dual account households. I know they won’t, but I wanted to toss out the options. They will probably just milk more whales by raising their prices instead.

I am glad @Gloria_Snockers has a plan.

No. I don’t believe you at all and I think its another lame attempt to circumvent the rules. You want to build an empire that rivals the trust fund babies? Pay like they have to now. Suffer like the rest of us.

And if you do happen to have a “son” start paying him an allowance. He wants to play? Then let him decide if he wants to play and with the money he earned from chores and and other things.

“Hurr, I can’t afford to pay my kid an allowance” I don’t believe that either.

Did Yendor get an allowance? No. Yendor worked hard for his money to put an account he couldn’t have access to and when he could to try to figure out if he could pay for college-- all the money was gone.

Hope you a better parent then mine was. But knowing eve players that’s probably far from the truth. Infact if you were a good parent you’d steer your kid away from EvE.

OP’s original post

OP has been playing the game for a few years, just over a month ago joined FRAT and now all of a sudden has a “son who also wants to play”. The chance is super high that said “son” ends up flying a Gila ratting in FRAT space and if a GM starts looking they go “it’s not an alt, it’s a family member. I even made a post about it”.

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I call BS on this, totally inconceivable that someone would want to go out with a scumbag like you.

Yes… because in real life I am a space pirate overlord in control of vast amounts of ill gotten wealth.