Multiple account question


I bought a new laptop computer, and install eve.
My clone status is alpha, so multiple connect is restricted. I know.
But, use my main desktop PC and laptop at the same time, I found that I can play eve with two alpha account at the same location.
When I just log in, I think it is violation of EULA, so I log out immediately.

My thought is true (it is violate EULA)?

Strictly, yes.

The EULA is something you agree to, as a person. The relevant clause is:

You may establish more than one Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one Account at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the Accounts you intend to use for that purpose.


Thank you for reply. I won`t use this scheme forever.

In this case (though I do not use it again), I would ban? I`m fearing that…

Very unlikely. That clause is there more so they can go after those who abuse it repeatedly.

It is possible to do so, because there are setups where two people in the same room/house/network log on at same time. However to CCP that looks like ‘two alpha accounts on the same IP address’.

I’ve seen at least two people say they had received warnings (or in one case, a ban) from CCP after playing like this for quite a while, and eventually having to prove to CCP that it was a father and son playing, or two roommates etc.

Obviously, for one person to do the same is against EULA and a potential cause for account ban.

Uh…I think you’re not allowed to post communications between yourself and CCP. I don’t know it for a fact, but it’s something I’ve heard often. You might want to edit that stuff out.

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Edited. I didn`t know that. Thank you for advise. :sweat:

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