Recruit a friend question

So i recruited a friend of mine to play and saw that he gets a whole bunch of stuff, immediately. Like the 1Mil SP. I noticed that as the recruiter, i have to wait to get anything. Which is fine per se, i get why that system is in place. My question is, i only have about 10 hours in the game so far. is it possible to restart my account from someone else who sends me a referral link so i can get the 1Mil SP too? IS that legal? i signed up through my steam account and i dont want it to get banned. if it ends up that is against TOS or whatever, i will just accept it but if there is a way to legally do it, id rather start over and get that 1mil SP. Any advice is appreciated.

You can make as many accounts as you want, within reason, using a single email address. As long as you don’t use them for things not allowed by the EULA ofcourse.

So yes you can use someone’s referral, or use your own from your current account, and create new accounts for the 1 mil sp.

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If you’re from Steam, make sure you log into your EVE account management page properly. A lot of people make mistakes at that stage, and end up rolling new accounts by accident. Use the green button.

You can create a second account using the referral from your first account and immediately get that 1 million SP.

Not sure if you can make a second account via Steam, I have Steam but all of my EVE accounts are directly from CCP.

Yeah same here steam has problems does not sit well with Eve, best to make an acc directly with CCP. Refer yourself and you should be good to go me thinks. That’s how I would do it anyway.

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