Old trial account or new referral?

(Kyoji Takasu) #1


I wanted to give Eve another chance, since it’s f2p.
Now I’ve heard it would be smart to start over with a referral if you don’t have that much SP, but I can’t really estimate if that still applies to me. Couldn’t find specific Numbers either…

This 4 year old trial account has slightly more than 586k SP, and 32m ISK.
Reworking my appearance would be nice, I’d still stick to gallente though.

Should I start over? What will I have to go through, besides transferring isk and stuff?


(Red Frog Rufen) #2

Start over, you can still transfer the ISK from that account!

(Kathern Aurilen) #3

If you make a new acoocount, I think you can use yourself as a ref

(Kyoji Takasu) #4

Thanks for the advices, I’ve started a new account and the 250k sp turned out really handy.