New (?) player woes

I made this account in 2013, I didn’t remember that, when I tried to make an account for EVE today it told me ‘hey guy you’re already in the club!’. I was like heck yeah. I started playing, put a little time into the tutorial and did some missions, I’ve got 343k SP which I thought was a lot but then in the game I was quickly told that “brand new accounts have more SP than that and with an invite link you get 1 million SP”. I have a cruiser and I know for the established player 8mil isnt much but I’m broke now. Is it really worth it to delete my account and start new? That strikes me as so strange but I am a working guy too, time is important and if that’s a way to save it…I guess that’s what you do?

tl:dr as an ‘old’ noob why am i penalized for keeping and old toon as rerolling gets me 1 million sp?

Greetings mate. If a starting toon get much more sp than what you have now, I totally advise you make another one . Also if you need any help about game stuff feel free to mail me anytime

I think I kind of have to, I mean if it’s really triple the SP that’s a load of time, I will need to make some friends so they can hold my ship :smiley:

Well y just found one xD

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Create the new account and get the 1m SP and use that character. Then relog in as your old character and use “give money” to transfer your isk and contract your cruiser and other stuff to the new character.

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Thank you very much, as soon as I’m done grilling I will do that!

I will add you when I make my NEW person right? I will have to make Solomon Jr

Cool send me a mail or I will forget you, I talk to tons of people

Looking up “old character” why are people paying billions of isl for blank slates? I’ve got some I’ll give for free (2012-2013)

Just a reminder - you can have any number of EvE accounts using the same e-mail address, so you dont need a special one, although one can argue that having dedicated e-mail for each account/game can improve security of said account.

I can’t bring myself to get rid of Solomon. I know it’s silly but as little tome as I have in this game he’s my OG. I’ll just grind through the SP and folks will think I’m a pro masochist :smiley:

You can make another account on same mail and train both toons at once. ( If both are omega y can even fly both in same time

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