Not New, but returning and overwhelmed


As the title says. Im not new but returning. I have a char with 10m SP. Don’t know whether that is little or not. As this was my first char my stuff is all around the EVE universe. few skillbooks here, some materials there, several ships somewhere elsewhere.

I really don’t enjoy the Chaos state of my account :smiley: And I also don’t know where to go really :smiley: should I be doing moon mining, exploring or what. I seriously don’t remember the state i left this char at.

I would like to do some space exploration, and PvP.

Is 10m SP much to lose, or will I be too much handicapped if I start a new Capsuleer?


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You can start a new character to reacquaint yourself with EVE again, do Tutorial, Career Agents, AIR Program, and once you feel you got the hang of things then you can return to your old character and continue with the higher SP that it has.

You should do more of the things that are fun for you. You’re better off earning 3m an hour doing something you enjoy, rather than an e-job that you hate in this thing that should be a game played for fun.

Me, I’d recommend looking at one of the newbie-focussed corporations - I am biased to Brave Newbies, but Karmafleet and Eve-Uni do a good job and Test is apparently recruiting.

10m SP is fine - you can fly tackle, ewar or t1 logi with that, and all of those roles are useful in everything from solo to small gang to major fleet fights.

Starting a new capsuleer and going thru the tutorials and the career agents isnt a terrible plan as well, and then you can go back to your main and go ‘Oh !’.

10M is not much in a game with over 500M sp in play, but it’s definitely a start for fun activities, given some specialization in what you love doing the most (pvp is a very broad choice, and you’ll likely need to keep your goals limited and focused).

I’d advise to fire up an alpha account, start from scratch, jog your memory, learn about the (new) dangers again, maybe even try a few new things like FW. When you’re confident again, activate your older account.

You don’t need a “new” character to start over in the game. You can run the career agents for a different faction and the SOE Epic arc on your existing character - this should unlock memories and exercise skills you’ve forgotten you have. You can find both career agents and the SOE epic arc (Blood Stained Stars) in the agency.

With the basic mechanics of gameplay, you’ll need to decide what you want to do in Eve. PVE, PVP, Industry and Exploration are the main categories - each has subdivisions. Whatever you want to do, there is probably a niche in Eve!

Welcome back and good luck!

Ignore all the junk scattered around, you can gather all that up later once you’ve got yourself settled. I came back from a 6 year break a few months ago, so I understand what you’re feeling. Just let all that go for now and refocus on the now, not the past.

First, go do the tutorial and career agent missions again, all of them, then do the SOE epic arc. That should take you long enough and have you doing enough stuff to get reoriented with EvE, on top of making you some isk and other rewards.

From there, make friends. While you’re doing the missions and epic arc, lurk in the recruitment channel and find a recruiter that always seems to be posting when you’re on. Having an active group to play with is very important in this game. While you can play it solo, it’s not meant to be played that way.

Alas, the claim that you want to do exploration and PvP doesn’t actually narrow things down. What kind of PvP? There’s the nullblocs and their massive fleets, there’s FW and it’s smaller engagements, there’s wormholes and its sheer variety. Exploration will inevitably lead you to wormholes, but living and fighting there is a completely different beast than anywhere else in EvE, and not for the unprepared.

I’d say 10m is a good start, no matter where you put it before, and right at the point where you’re going to notice a difference if you make a new character.