Not a new player but returning one, few questions

Hi there,
I just logged back in a few days ago because I got kinda… sentimental about playing eve and remembering the past years. the good ol´times if you will.

I played for 8 years, my char was created in 2006. I last logged in sometime in 2014 it seems. at my highpoints I was tripleboxing and doing all kinds of shite.

the game client shows I got 48,2 million SP on my main char. its currently in alpha status as I am not sure if I really want to get back into it.
so here´s my questions:

  1. the SP amount that it shows, is that only the skills available for the alpha stats or ALL the skilIs I learned but seemed to be held back because of the clone status ?
  2. It seems I need omega status to really use my old char like I did way back. is this correct?
  3. is it worth centralizing all my stuff (spending money on contracts and such)? net worth is shown as about 10 billion ISK and I have no feeling if thats good or not…
  4. are drones usable ? (i remember a patch that all over sudden made drones die like flies when ratting)
  5. is eve still “fun” ?

(i know the last two are very sibjective, but I would love to get some input nonetheless)
thanks in advance

  1. You can only utilize the skills that are “alpha status”. An alpha can have up to 20 mil SP total. 2. Depending on where your skills are at, you may have to be omega to utilize your skills, plus you cannot multibox alpha accounts, (nor can you have one alpha or one omega logged in together).
  2. i wouldn’t centralize just in case there were things that you started doing again in those regions where you may have assets hanging around. I’ve got ships/ammo all over the place for my PVE activities
  3. Drones are useful still, but they did change them some. (in L4 missions, Larger drones are more aggroed than light drones).
  4. This nobody can answer but you. You make it as fun or not as fun as you can. It really depends on what your activities are that you enjoyed the first time in EVE
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