Returning after 15 years (so basically a new citizen!) - couple of Q's

So, 15 years ago I knew what I was doing in EV out there in Fountain with BRUCE. Now I have no clue! Got a couple of old crusty noob questions:

  1. My stuff is literally scatter to the 4 corners of the universe! I have decent gear 40 or 50 jumps away from my current location. Is there an easy way of me aggregating it all into one place or do I just have to resort to a hauler and accept I may lose it all in the process by getting gank’d?

  2. I have 27 mil skill - so guess I’m not training anything new on Alpha? No clue how many of my skills trained will be available to me on Alpha but presume some won’t and some will be capped at a lower max than I have trained. Is it even worth me trying Omega if I just want to play casual for now to get back into the game?

create curier contracts and somebody will haul your stuff ! but it takes time

thats a question nobody cant answer you ! the worth is only YOUR subjectiv feeling ! everyone who plays eve would probably say → Yes its worth !

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@Vuhdo_Rin Thanks for the response. Take your point that whether Omega is worth it is down to me. But I meant more in terms of how much my existing character skills/capabilities etc would be restricted as a result of being Alpha and whether paying for Omega would actually give me anything appreciably more - considering I am not really going to be looking to jump into high end ships etc. As long as I can fly the main frigates and cruisers and battlecruisers etc I used to, I’ll probably be happy.

i think with this ammount of SP you cant skill as alpha ! so … i dont know your skills and how they are alpha friendly or not but if you want to fly more then this what youve actualy has, then you need omega… if youre happy with the ammount of ships you can fly with alpha and your skills then maybe try your comeback as alpha and then time will tell you if its worth to you or not.

if youre a miner then yes, alpha are very restrictet ! you cant fly barges or exhumer ! T2 ships are restrictet and capitals. cant remember the whole list cause im not alpha xD

I believe they can inject alpha skills. Double checking now.

Cant find it, but im sure even beyond 20 mil sp, they can still inject alpha skills only. Im 80% sure ive done that. Injected an alpha skill while having over 100 mil sp

As has previously been mentioned, what’s “worth it” is entirely up to you and what worth you find in having an Omega account. Do you want to fly more ships? Do you want your skills to tick along and improve your clone? Then yes, Omega is worth it. Are you not bothering with skills or flying any particular ships? Then no, Omega won’t be worth it to you.

My suggestion is to play on Alpha for a few days, if you haven’t already, and get a feel for how the game is now compared to when you last played. A lot has changed. If you feel excited about exploring whatever areas you’re interested in, you can make a decision at that time.

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