Returning after 3 years

I just returned to game. Still alpha but thinking going omega or selling character to try something new out.

my pilot link
(pw is 1111)

Im now wondering with all the changes if i should do missions lvl 4 again and what to use these days.

Maybe someone here can give advice. Play this character or get new toon. Or maybe get this ship and that.
Im a little clueless after 3 years.

thank U

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Absolutely keep that character! Lots of time and effort put in there. A lot of the mission and flight mechanics are mostly the same, but definitely try some things out in a safe space first to see how things are affected by the Alpha limitations and any skill or ship changes that have occurred over the years.

I’d suggest taking something out on an L3 to get your bearings with the skills and ships, then go to L4s if you’re happy. SHouldn’t be anything you can’t adapt to :slight_smile:


Just blew up my Drake in a lvl 4. Ure right , should take lvl 3 and up to the game again. Also consider omega. Since alot of skills goes to waste as Alpha. Thanks for respons


Sorry about the loss, but welcome back. I suspect that this will be one of those things where it’s the small changes that will get you if you don’t know they’re there.

Good luck- I’m sure you’ll be back up to speed in no time. Even if you do go to Omega, double-check your ships, fits, and skills to see what changes might have been done. There have been some nerfs and slot swaps and the like, so double-check your fits in PYFA or the new in-game fitting tool to make sure that things are where they are supposed to be, are online, etc.


Hello and welcome back to Eve,

@Jenne_Wain is 100% correct, definitely keep your character and double check your ships, along with nerfs and slot swaps, some of the ships bonus stats as well as their primary weapon systems have been changed.

Personally I think Omega is the only way to go for established characters, get complete access to all your skills and equipment.

Good luck and may you have much success.



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So far I went trough assets and realized i dont have ships anymore.
So to be able to do lvl 4 again i need a good ship.
Considering a tengu again or something else. Need to read up on upcomming changes

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T3s have changed since you left. Tengu is still good at pve.

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@Mr_Pudd Join our channel ingame, Coalition of Carebears. Lots of info there and we can chat ingame where it’s a little easier to reaact immediately to an issue!

Welcome back to Eve :slight_smile:


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