Returning Pilot After 4-5 Year Hiatus Looking For Advise

So I used to play Eve back in 2012-2013, and was a part of the Goonswarm/FCON (please don’t judge me, the guy who got me into Eve recruited me there). Since then, I have lost All ties to anyone I ever knew in the game and now find myself in a bit of a predicament. I am currently residing in a station up in Branch with a hanger full of ships and stuff(net worth= 4.03bil), 26.8mil SP, a 4.3 security status, and I don’t know what I could/should do with all this. I’m tempted to liquidate all my assets, save one larger ship with a full cargo hold or a smaller ship I can zip around in, and bail out to Low or High Sec. I am currently an Alpha pilot, and I am not opposed to becoming an Omega again, but only if I have a viable nest egg or means to plex my account to stay that way. I was most accustomed to ratting Data/Relic sites, did a little pvp in small fleets or larger excursions, and was learning a bit about Wormhole space, but I find myself interested by the Exploration side of the game now that I returned. Sadly, I know next to nothing about the market and have to teach myself the game all over again now. I’ve been watching tutorials and researching as much as I can lately and I see that Alphas can start piloting T2 ships in the next few days, so here comes the questions:

  1. What could/should I do about my current inventory?
  2. Are there reasons to stay where I am, or nearby, and explore/rat here?
  3. What ships/fits are viable for the activities I’m interested in for both Alpha and Omega clones, considering the new options available to Alphas coming soon?
  4. While avoiding the Market Game(for the most part), is there any options for me to earn enough ISK to plex myself efficiently while not spending a Ton of time in game? (Schedule would be ~2-3hrs,2-4 days/week)
  5. How viable is solo play for me to do any/all the things I listed above?
  6. Any general advise for me after reading my info?

I thank anyone and everyone for any help you could offer on this topic. I am a bit overwhelmed coming back into the game after so long away. I started a new account to help me learn a bit and get started, or possibly transfer ISK to in the future if I see it worthwhile. I’m not sure about getting back into a Corp just yet, but perhaps further down the road when I have more to offer one I may consider it. Please note that I honestly have no intention on spending RL money to plex my account for the foreseeable future. Thanks again, and Good Hunting!


Well, if your planing on hanging out in that area, I would hold onto your favorite ships, sell the ones you don’t plan on using…

If your leaving the area never to return, dump it all on the market. Your an alpha and you can’t really take it with you.

Me I’m a pack rat and I got most all my crap spread over 3 systems.

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As far as trying to plex in the amount of time you’ll be online…don’t bother. You won’t have time to do other stuff and you’ll get burnt out grinding for Isk.

You could do PI, but I think you need to ease back into the game. Find what you want to do, sell stuff to get yourself set up and then worry about moving etc. just get use the game again and don’t rush things.

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Alphas are not getting access to t2 ships.they are getting access to battlecruisers and battleships. And only t2 modules. (No t2 large guns)

If you don’t plan on staying in null, it would be better to Liquidate everything and then pod yourself back to hisec.i don’t know much about null so you’ll have to rely on someone else regarding that.

From what you’ve said about your schedule , the best thing you could do is either market trading or incursions.albiet incursions requiring bling and bling requires a large investment.back when I was doing incursions my vindicator cost like 7b or so isk. Had warp speed implants too so that’s another 2b. You could try with a regular low price battleship but if the wait list isn’t empty , your spot is usually taken by someone who has better skills and better bling. So your best bet is doing market trading , station trading if you have 1 alt , inter hub if you have more than 1 and don’t mind using Red frog or pushx. You can use your main character for trading if your primary goal is to get rich. Alt if it isn’t.

Don’t play just for the sake of getting a plex every month. It would be in your best interest to just pay a sub.

Eventually , you’ll arrive at a point that you have so much isk , that you’d be able to lose incursion ships and bling pvp ships without giving a ■■■■

Market trading has always been a solo play and will never change. Comms are mandatory for incursioning unless you’re deaf like me :stuck_out_tongue: in which case , usually the leader assigns someone to relay orders ( the Valhalla project is where you should start if you have the isk to buy a moderately decent fit with decent skills , warp to me if you don’t)

I’m not going to explain anything regarding trading , I already have enough competition as it is

Hope this helps


  1. You can create a support ticket with CCP and they will move ONE ship (with a full cargo worth of gear) to lowsec for you, if you’re stuck in a null station surrounded by enemies. Typically people fire-sell the junk and make the one ship they want moved active, then create a petition. Situation may be complicated a little bit if you’re an Alpha and cannot activate the ship you want to save, due to skill restrictions.

  2. Goonswarm still exists, don’t know if they’re in the same area. I’d contact them on their forums to see what options you have as far as rejoining them. Otherwise, nullsec is nullsec, some systems are better true security than others, but you may not be interested in ratting when there are exploration complexes and anomalies that offer much better loot.

  3. CCP has rebalanced the T1 ships to be closer to T2 in terms of power, so with the options available to Alphas, you can still find viable fittings using T1 ships. Details you’ll have to google up / look for recent guides / ask. Omega still offers you the good skill training speed (Alpha training speed is half, up to the limit, then 0), and no limits on ships or gear, and CCP has some sort of subscription discount offer almost constantly.

  4. In null, yeah. Wormhole exploration sites (you can do quick w-space trips from null), anomalies and exploration complexes, heck they even buffed mining with Rorquals (goons made a killing, look at the last monthly economic report), or industry using the discounts / buffs provided by the recently-introduced citadels and other Upwell structures. And you can also buy PLEX with RL cash and sell for ISK. You also have the option of making self-sustained (omega) skill farm accounts (train up a bit then sell skill-point injectors to pay for omega and make a bit of profit too).

  5. EVE is not really a solo game. Solo gameplay is possible, but makes most activities difficult.

  6. The basic gameplay has not changed. Some of the ships have changed, some of the meta has changed, but the gameplay is the same. I’m not sure what attracted you to EVE before, and what made you quit, but if you’re going to play casually, definitely avoid the activities that made you quit. There are several options for avoiding the boring / grindy parts of the game, listed above (and by the others), and if you’re part of a good player group, there should always be interesting activities / fleet ops happening when you log on. As far as RL money, CCP’s offered discounts down to $8 / month, twice, and may do so again; PLEX is way expensive, but an actual subscription may not be all that bad.


I was in a similar position a couple of months back. It was suggested to me to open up an ALPHA and relearn the game with the current meta. It worked for me. I’m back enjoying the game now.


You can check out Signal Cartel. They focus on exploration and have an upside-down perspective of New Eden. I’ll add emphasis to previous posts and say don’t worry about grinding to sub an omega account. With the changes to Alpha Clones there is plenty to do without subbing. Have fun, find some people to hang with and Fly it like you stole it.


WOW! I just went to their website and I gotta say, this actually sounds like Fun! I could leave off the PvP and other activities to my returning veteran account and use my new alpha alt for this. Thanks for the heads-up. SPACE HUGS FOR EVERYONE! LOL

I’m glad to have to have helped. Never flown with them, but heard their CEO on a podcast. Take a look at Welcome back!

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Update: So I got my Alpha alt into the Scouts, and it’s a Great time. I’m not making a ton of isk yet, but it’s very nice to simply explore and not really concern myself with PvP. I’m actually beginning to learn the ins and outs of the Search and Rescue project they have, so I can give back to the community by helping stranded pilots in wormholes.
I also got my veteran pilot out of null! I got lucky and someone contacted me about contracting my hangars of stuff in Branch and given, he did get a Great deal, I had to liquidate in order to facilitate my move back into Hi-Sec. The devs responded pretty much immediately and ported my main ship to Jita with no fuss whatsoever. So progress has been made, and I’m now working towards Lvl 4 Mission running with my wife. Thank you All for your advise, support, and tips to getting this Old/New pilot back out among the stars. Fly Safe, Fly Dangerously, but Most Importantly, FLY! o7

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