Returning to EVE after 6 years

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I’m returning to EVE after 6 or so years of absence. Can somebody please fill me in regarding the Alpha and Omega versions. My understanding is that the Alpha is free-to-play, and the Omega is paid. Now, I’m probably on something like 50+ Mil SP, can I play for free? Would my SP be reduced, lost, trimmed, etc. Or will I not be able to train new skills, but retain the old pool? I’ve heard that the free-to-play version restricts access to certain ships? I know there is a lot to explain, so maybe somebody could just refer me to reading material?


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There’s a 5m SP cap on Alpha players. Many of the ships on the ship tree, most of the Tech II stuff and a lot of skills are locked behind the Omega wall. If you return as an Alpha, while you won’t lose anything, you won’t be able to fly anything that requires Omega or benefit from Omega skills.

The ‘best’ mining ship an Alpha can have is the Venture frigate, the biggest combat ship is the Special Edition Gnosis Battlecruiser, otherwise Cruisers are the ‘best’ you can use.

Everything is clearly marked in the game with an Omega symbol if that is required, it’s on modules, on skills and all over the Ship Tree.

This link might be useful:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Sindara, you’ve enlightened me!

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It should be noted that set of alpha skills is going to be significantly expanded next month:

You will be able to use possibly up to 20M SP of the ones you already have.


you can also buy skill extractors, extract skills, sell injectors, buy plex, and stay omega. It’s been roughly break even and you can use all your skills and ships. Net cost is usually under 100mil/month, some months it even goes profitable. With today’s prices it loses 27mil with max attribues and +3 implants, with +4/5 implants it becomes profitable. If you have mixed attributes and no implants it will cost a bit more.

It kinda sucks not gaining SP, but it makes it easy to stay active I’d say it’s a decent trade.

As you I’ve been away for a quite a long time. I had some mining operations, on planets. I’m curious as to

  1. if I still have them
  2. if they still work
  3. if 1 & 2 are a yes, how can I locate them, I’m not seeing anything related in ‘my assets’


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