Returning to EVE after some years of absence

Hey guys,

so I left EVE round about when the new structures got released and all those new trailers and the lack of interesting games got me to install it again.

So what do I have?
I own two accounts, one 90 mil fighter pilot (Caldari focused) and a 100 mil industrial/hauling pilot.
Both were self funded back then and I have got about 30 bil ISK at hand to play with for now.

My main problem is still my lack of planable playtime. I often only have like an hour of time, sometimes two to invest into EVE.
Back in the old days I lived with RvB and engaged in some fights during that limited playtime.

Are there any activities in EVE that I can do in either sec to have fun with this limited playtime (even when I do not want to join RvB immediately again)?

How viable is T4/5 mission running in terms of “fun”. I remember it to be quite tedious.

What are these triglavian invasions and is this anything I should take a closer look into as a returning pilot?

Is high sec industry (production) any good for ISK grinding for my industrial account?

My priority for now would be fun over ISK-grinding as I think that my 30b funds should be quite sufficient for a while regarding fittings etc. (considering that I pay real money for Omega).

Any advice is much appreciated!

Best regards,


Join a lowsec corp, blow up pixels :slight_smile: First thing that came to mind.

For your indy character, farm some PI for isk, do some trading/hauling.

Lowsec gas is roughly 50kk per venture load but needs some scanning time to find, jspace gas is roughly 25kk per venture load but easy to find. Alpha T1 huffer is 50 mins per load, Omega huffer 30 mins per load. Take into account gas has significant volume so hauling to market takes a bit of effort if ur alpha.

When I’m RL busy but have an hour I do some drone hunting.


Abyssal content is specifically designed for short session gameplay. You’ve got 20 minutes to complete the site or you blow up!

There are several varieties and several levels of difficulty. Lots of streamers on YouTube and Twitch to demonstrate. Start with level 1 and be prepared to lose some ships.

Most industrial activities - PI, manufacturing, research, markets are well suited to short session gameplay since you only need to login to submit or deliver jobs - otherwise they happily run in the background. Market PVP has the advantage of being asynchronous - you don’t need to be logged in at the same time as your competition!

As noted, most of the older PVE activities have been solved and can be farmed but it’s boring.


Thank you very much for your advice so far. I just tested the Abyssal content yesterday and it is really quite a good challenge (for someone just starting with it) and it feels new and exactly what I am lookingf or with my limited playtime.