Returning - looking for low time commitment path

Hi everyone, I have played off and on for years. As I get older, family and career take more time from gaming (as it should) but I still want to play a little. The last corp I was in I had to quit due to not being able to maintain stable activity.

I have 56m skill points, maxed out scanning (ran as an explorer for a long time) and some industrial, mostly hauling. I have some PVE skills too.

I was actually thinking of hauling, log in - pick up a contract, finish it in a few days. What do you guys think about that? Any other ideas?

Exploration was great solo but the scanning got so old.

Hauling can be lucrative, but with the current Triglavian expansion it’s been…challenging.

The primary Jita-Amarr trade route that goes through Niarja has been cut off by Triglavians (NPCs), turning Niarja into effective nullsec, and the shortest all-highsec route is ~45 jumps.

If you want to haul, you can still move stuff with tech II transport ships or a freighter. Join the in-game channel “Hauler’s Channel” and ask away.

Just a bit of advisory though: most hauling contracts require you to complete it within 24 hours, and the vast majority of contracts are completed within the hour, if not a few hours.

If you want to do other stuff, look in the recruiting forum for any corp that does things you think you’ll like.

In theory, the abyssal sites are idea for your type of gameplay. So long as you have 20 minutes or so, you can log in, do a site, and then dock up.

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To add on to the above, Abyssal sites are about to get a new entry level (tier 0) and a new expert level (tier 6). And they can be done solo or with a few friends.

That’s interesting. I’ve never done abyssal sites but I have a Gila I’ve planned on running them with.

Question though - do you lose faction with Triglavian Collective by running them? What if I want to side with them against Edencom?

Nope. Keep in mind Trigs aren’t the only enemies you’ll encounter there; there are also rogue drones and Drifters.

As a rough outline of difficulty, you can do…

T1 sites in a normal T1 cruiser
T2 sites in a T1 cruiser with good skills and an efficient setup
T3 sites in a HAC or faction/pirate cruiser
T4 sites in a well-fit HAC or faction/pirate cruiser (some bling required)
T5 sites in a blinged-out HAC or faction/pirate cruiser (most likely will need advanced implants)

Of course, you can use overkill for lower difficulties, and you should, just to get acclimated. Although a nice missile cruiser like a Caracal or Bellicose will do T1 just fine.

Once you get used to it, you can also run the 3-frigate version, but alone. T2 is definitely doable this way, and T3 if you’re an expert, and using bling.

Make sure to stack the fit with the effect. Don’t try to have a universal setup for all effects; own a few different ships instead.

You mean multiboxing 3 frigates?

Maybe for higher tiers, but for T1-T2, you can do it alone. There are videos on YouTube of people doing T3 alone, but I personally haven’t tried that yet. A minimum-bling Retribution or Hawk, with good skills, can definitely do T2 alone.

I have never done anything in the abyss. What does this mean ^^ ?

You can enter a filament alone in a cruiser. Alternatively, with 2 friends with everyone in a frigate. But nothing actually stops you from entering the frigate version alone, or with just a single other person. It is, of course, harder to do it this way. But if you stack the effect with a proper ship, you can definitely solo the 3-man version, which by default is meant for a group.

If you want to try abyssal content, do some T1 sites in a Tech I missile cruiser of some sort (either active tank or passive shield regeneration). Higher tiers increase the amount of NPCs inside, but not NPC difficulty.

People use frigates just for the personal challenge?

The main loot box in each room is different from the solo cruiser version, and seems to pay more (after all, it’s intended for three people), but it doesn’t appear to be that much more profitable.

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