Returning after over 6 years

So I just returned after 6 years (actually far longer) and discovered that Ichoriya is a -1.0 owned by something called the Triglavian. Pretty sure it wasn’t a -1.0 when I left. I’m in a Tengu and would like not to lose it since I have nothing else. Do I have a chance when I leave this station? What the hell happened and who the hell are the Triglavians???

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Is that a system on the Jita<>Amarr pipe? not played since ~2014 myself. I believe it is now low sec.

EDIT: Ignore that was Niarja.

No it’s far from Jita. I’m not even close to a 0.4 system from the way this map looks. Very confusing right now. Wasn’t prepared for this Triglav invasion or whatever, or even know how violent they are.

Yeah I just looked it up - it was Niarja that was on the Jita<>Amarr pipe that got turned.

OK so are these Trigs as aggressive as Caps in null-sec space or hit or miss?

Just in case - stuff like warp core stabs have changed since 6 years ago and pretty much anything like that are active modules with timers, etc. now in case you decide to move it that way.

Those systems were conquered by the triglavians in an event, and are now a sort of pseudo-wormhole space.

You can dock at an npc station in there and buy an extraction filament to get out. The type you’ll want is proximity or glorification. See Triglavian Space Filaments – EVE Online

If you have a significant amount of assets in there, you’ll have to scan out a wormhole to leave through. There should be a hole in there that will lead directly back to normal space.

You will most likely be hostile to most of the npcs you will encounter, and they are extremely aggressive and very capable of killing you if you aren’t prepared (they’re dangerous even if you are). They can spawn on the wormholes as well, so be careful.

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This “gift” keeps on giving…

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Welcome back!

Some others already linked sources on the Triglavians, but long story short some high and low sec systems turned into triglavian space (called Pochven) during an event. Trigs are dangerous NPCs that can kill you.

You can buy extraction filaments in their NPC stations that teleport you to a (random) system outside Pochven. Maybe read up on how to use those. Or if you have a cloak and probes you could look for a wormhole out.

Worst case you could make a ticket to ask a GM to get one ship out to high sec, I heard they might do that for returning players.

I tried asking the GMs if they could move my valuables out of Pochven space (Arvasaras) after I came back from several years of absence.

The reply I received was “Nope, we gave you plenty of warning to move your stuff out while you were offline. Working as intended”.

In the end, I got them out using filaments without too much trouble. As it happens, one of the ships was a Tengu.

Good to know!

But yes, with filaments it shouldn’t be hard to get out.

Get the right filament out, form a fleet, undock, warp to a relative safe spot, set safety to yellow, activate filament and you’re out.

Main dangers are

  1. getting caught on the undock (dock up again if you see danger, or use an insta undock bookmark to get out anyway) and
  2. Landing in a low sec system and getting killed on your way out to high sec. To avoid that you can bring more filaments into and out of Pochven if they are available on market, cloak up after each use and keep trying until you get to high sec

It will be fine don’t worry. Turret don’t Insta lock but everything is super violent

Just don’t bring a slow-ass thing that takes ages to warp-out and align

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