Retrieved Old Accounts and the are in Triglavian Space

I recently started playing again after a long hiatus. When I played before I had a 40m pilot and a 20m pilot that I used for mining and mission running. I did have a short stint ~100 days where I lived in nul sec. Before I logged off last time I had my main flying a Hulk and my alt flying an Orca and I am sure they were parked in a hi-sec system.

I started a new character a few days ago and I am enjoying it. I then realized those other accounts can login as Alpha so I thought I would see what they have. A bit of extra ISK never hurt. When I logged them in they were both in a Triglavian -1.0 station.

From my understanding there was an event sometime after I had quit playing and the Triglavian’s took some space. This is what I was told in Newbie Channel.

Basically, the question is, do I have many options to easily get out of there. From what I can see I have close to 2.5B in assets in that station between the 2 characters. I listed everything I had on the Orca pilot including the fully fitted ship for 1.5B bid and 1.75B buyout. Wondering if that is the best way to liquidate the assets and get out of that space? Not super happy about self destructing my pod with +4s but I guess it is what it is.

For the Hulk pilot I was going to list a contract for everything he has about 100m under value to hopefully entice a buyer. Same thing though, losing the implants will be crappy.

@Elsebeth_Rhiannon Is the [EM] Pochven Entry Manual up to date on filament and wormhole connection details for Pochven?

OP, there are two ways in and out of Pochven without resorting to the Pod Express (which, keep in mind, will go to your medical clone - so check that location out first!):

  1. Use of wormholes
  2. Use of exit filaments (magic teleport objects you can buy on the market/loot from NPCs and consume)

Some people in this situation will ferry their assets out of Pochven using the above exit (and corresponding entry) methods; others sell it all and escape with just one shipload or even pod out. Really depends on your particular skills and experience. Might be worth leaving the assets in place for now (if in an NPC station, anyway?) while you learn how to navigate the region and decide if you are interested in trying to extract anything.


Almost - enough to be usable. There are two potential entry systems that actually don’t seem to spawn entry whs that I should take off the maps but that should not in any way affect a casual entry.


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