Am i SOL?

welp, am i SOL? no way to get this stuff?

i have a question …

should be pretty obvious what lol. the trigs took over gates and now i cant get these ships back unless im wrong

ohhh i c
there is filaments to go to this systems
one to go one to leave
you can use them to get your ships

ooh wow i had no idea! thanks.

np bro
glad to help :smiley:

i just looked at them and i have no idea which one to choose…


You can also find a wormhole to get in. It is complicated, but there is a system worked out.

You can use the triglavian wormhole from highsec to reach senda. It is a class 2 wormhole and is located in one of those systems: Geras, Tuuriainas, Shihuken or Sirseshin. There will be triglavians of the highsec side of it and edencom on the pochven side, the Station might be camped by Trigs/Drifters/Sleepers/Edencom

so basically trig version of eve scout?

so i used the filament and i love this! its like a whole nother part of eve! too bad i cant use the gates…was 1 system away

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You can’t really use the stations either. It is pretty well gimped.

Indeed, and the EDI website already linked above has maps of all the connection data :slight_smile:

Yea… you need trig standing to use those gates.

You can repeatedly use filaments into and out of Pochven until you get in the right system, or find a wormhole.

Depending on the system, there are different filaments you can use to get there.

Using a filament to Veles has a 1 in 9 chance to land you in Senda for example.

But I guess waiting for a wormhole in one of the possible connection systems is a better idea to get all ships out.

In the mean time, get some Trig and Edencom standings to make extraction (and general high sec travel) safer!

bro, im at 10% armor in an imicus, cant repair and am salvaging the npc battles. this is fun


Mobile Depots can be used in Pochven to circumvent the inability to refit or repair in stations, bring a small armour rep along with you and bobs your uncle, unless you’re just yeeting in and out at which point you’ll just rep at home

Glad you’re enjoying it though :slight_smile:

Sounds good!
If you have an agressive module (guns, ewar) try to hit one of the drifters or rogue drones to get free trig and edencom standings.

(And if you don’t have such a module, bring one on your next ship once you die :yum:)

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yeah just yeeted to try it. AND god a corp join offer XD

thats great! i will next time lol wait…what gives edencom standings lol. the drifter or the trig XD

Both, but gaining EDENCOM standing reduces your trig standing so you’ll be locked out of docking eventually, if you want to gain standings with both then shoot drones and drifters/sleepers as those provide both EDENCOM and Triglavian standings