What is going on with Trigs in Ardene my new eve members are leaving

I have a new member alliance out there and when we started there we had not trig issue as it was not invaded space. In the last month or so trig worm holes are popping up in that system and neighboring one. At first it was just ardene, so I moved the guys next door and now they are there. These trigs are insta locking my guys and taking all their ships I have lost 6 new guys just signing off and not coming back on. Can you please light up on these new guys please? Ya they are learning eve is dangerous right, I have been training new eve members for 10 years and never have I found enemies like this other than in null. They even insta locked my ship at a gate sub 2 second lock web and dead. New eve members can’t deal with this. Please can you help

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Are you close (within a few jumps) of an invaded system? i’ve found that trigs are more common in the systems surrounding a system that is already invaded (or a system that is part of the trig domain was close by).

You can always teach/help them getting both positive standing with trigs and edencom, then it wont be an issue

Well, I don’t particularly feel like opening any cans of worms right now. Don’t get me wrong, I think several trig mechanics warrant discussion; I just don’t feel like getting into it right now.

So, for now, I recommend you help your guys to get dual positive standings with edencom and the trigs so that both leave them alone.

I strongly agree, the insta lock and kill trigs camping high sec gates and stations is not helping the game. Look at Murema as an example, Zkill is a sea of trig kills. I have been scouting myself through gates with a character that is neutral standings but in the latest example, the gate was clear so I jumped in, selected an NPC station and clicked dock. I landed and was instantly killed and podded by a single Kikky according to my loss mail before either my ship or pod could dock, that’s crazy.

Yes, i tried to get positive standing, built a ship for it, took the filaments and found one of 3 scenarios in Pochven, either nothing but trig sites up, being chased around by PVP’ers or finding a fleet of 40 Marauders owning the sites. I need to somehow do this on 3 accounts that are -0.02.

For the time being, I’m taking a space break.

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Message @Imiarr_Timshae in game, he can help you with that.

So I literally took a filament and ran ores sites and WH holes until I had positive standings to trigs and edencom. Just being on grid for the deaths of drifters was enough to raise my standings even more

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I want to express my support for this.

i recently returned to the game and got instakilled and podded by those guys without any warning. I got more or less lucky and it was “just” a tech 2 cruiser and an empty pod. Could have easily been a freighter or whatever i used to move assets. For me it wasn’t THAT much of a big deal even though it left my a little angry about how things went down (i get warnings for edencom system were nothing ever happens, but i get instalocked and killed and podded in highsec by some random NPCs). At least warn people about the change in the game somehow or tune it down. I see the potential of completely destroying returning and new players.

For New players a sudden loss like that can mean a major setback by days or weeks. I don’t know if they are warned about that in any way. Whatever other NPC interaction you usualy know when beginning the game won’t prepare you for that.
For returning players who are used to certani NPC behaviours it’s a complete change in NPC behaviour that oyu just cannot see coming even IF you have an overview that even shows them (which i hadn’t, so i was just dying to nothing in my perspective and was close to filing a ticket asking for reimbursement because of a bug that just blew me up randomaly in high sec). Now imagine happening that to someone moving his old stuff to a new home station to get back into0 the game with some folks…

Yeah - This sort of thing is dumb CCP. Fix it. No Win situations from NPCs will cost you players.

Damn? Glad I am out. You needs this noise!

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