How to get neutral Edencom standings

Hi I tried the Trig invasion stuff and have decided it was not for me. It seems impossible to get enough standings to do anything useful

However, now I have negative Edencom standings and very slight positive Trig standings (but not enough to be of any use)

It was a bit of a waste of time to be frank

I would like to put it all behind me and just travel in the diminished Eve universe. I tried the shooting drones thing and it worked at the time, but the standings I achieved has been taken away from me now so I am back where I was.

So now, how do I get neutral to Edencom as this is the only thing that I have to sort out, given that I have written off my assets in Vale.


How negative are your Edencom standings?

Hi and thanks for answering. Very slight so less than .1 negative but I am avoiding Edencom systems wherever I can and skipping through them when I can’t. I would just rather fix it and move on.

-0.1 is going to take a long time to fix. You would need to go to Pochven and shoot drifter NPCs for a few hours.

Technically, you would only need to shoot one NPC every 15 minutes.

Hi I have a filament so I guess I can do that. Do I have to kill the NPC or just to shoot it? I will be in a small ship as the larger ones are locked away for now until I can reset the game in terms of generating ISK

Apparently, you just need to shoot them with something long range, or target paint them. If somebody else eventually kills them then you will get credit when they do. I’m not too sure about the rules in Pochven. Pochven sucks.

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Thank you very much it is very helpful

Edencom Defense initiative (open community) also does dual standing fleets. They’ll ping for fleets on their discord.

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I am -4.5 to Triglodytes so I’ll pass on going there altogether.
Apparently consequences…lol

When CCP tells you to make a choice? Don’t.


Sage advice.

This works. I just target painted a Sleeper in Pochven, got hit, warped out and 15 mins later had a derived standing increase of +0.01 to Trigs.

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Sporks get TP bonus dont they? Is it range? If so, that would be sweet.

Unfortunately I think this will slowly make matters worse for me

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