How to improve Edencom standings solo

I have been ruuning a few sites in Pochven which negatively impact Edencom standings. What is the easiest way to repair Edencom standings as a solo player, preferably in Hisec. I can fly a Rattlesnake. Any advice would be appreciated.

Attack the trigs.

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Do not use Rattlesnake but sniper fit Naga with MWD and without any tank. Warp at safe distance above 100 km and start shooting trigs, burning away from them. Destroy the anchoring frigs and destroyers first. Dont allow any trig to come close to you.

Thank you.

Ok so maybe you can help with an issue, I was doing the dual standings with Trig and Edencom and I ended up being negative to Edencom . . I actually went back into Trig space and killed enough drones to get back to a 0.01 standing with Edencom but moments later they killed my ship at a Stargate . . any ideas on what my standings need to be?

0.01 should be enough, though you might want to get it a bit higher just to be sure. You were probably unlucky to have the standing bug hit you. Sometimes, the EDENCOM or Trig ships will still attack you on positive standings for no discernible reason.

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