Recommended ships for basic trig standings?

I’m planning to go to Pochven so triglavians don’t attack me in HS. What would be a good ship to use? Is a certain engagement range needed?

I’m also almost done with a video. Should have it up today.


If you’re 0.0 with them then pretty much anything with a gun, get in to a system with NPC’s and find a fleet shooting another fleet, then just damage something that is about to die and wait 15 minutes

I went there last weekend in a cloaky frigate with ewar. Warp around to find a fight going on, ewar a drifter, cloak up and warp off.

If the drifter gets killed you’ll be neutral to trigs after the next tick.

But you don’t need to be cloaky, just makes it a bit more safe. And a gun would do fine too.


Until next year, when you have to grind your Drifter standing back up.


Anything: Vigil with lock range mods/rigs and painters
Drones (sites or roaming): Smartbomb maller or upgrades from it
Edencom (holes): Sniping Naga on entrance wormholes with a collection of bookmarks every 150km
Drifters (sites): Sniping Rokhs with friends

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