Triglavian Standings

anyone willing to “help” gaining triglavian Standings for a Character of mine, while making sure EDENCOM stays at least Neutral?

Triglavian and Edencom Standing

General Mechanic

These standings do not share via fleet mechanics. You have to use an offensive module/shoot at something, and then that something die (whether you kill it or not) before the next downtime.

Specifically for Triglavian & Edencom factions:

  • Shooting Triglavians anywhere lowers Triglavian standing
  • Shooting Edencom anywhere lowers Edencom standing
  • Shooting Rogue Drones inside Pochven only raises both Triglavian and Edencom Standing
  • Shooting Sleepers inside Pochven only raises both Triglavian and Edencom Standing
  • Shooting Drifters inside Pochven only raises both Triglavian and Edencom Standing

It is impossible to raise standings by any means to Rogue Drones or Drifters. (Sleepers aren’t listed as an entity, they fall under Drifters).

Therefore if you shoot Edencom, Triglavians like you. If you shoot Triglavians, Edencom likes you. If you shoot Rogue Drones/Drifters/Sleepers in Pochven, both Trigs and Edencom will like you.

Specific Guide

If you want positive standings with both trigs and edencom, fit up a rail cormorant as cheaply as possible, targeting range to about 80km, use a filament to enter pochven and look for Cosmic Anomaly “Incipient Drone Swarm”, warp to 80km and shoot the drones that are present there (leave if a big drone, battleship or larger, spawns). Shooting these drones will award you positive standing to both trigs and edencom.

Standings ticks are awarded based on the “largest” thing you shoot every 15mins. So killing 5 drones or 1 drone does not matter, so the best method is shoot 1 drone in the swarm, then go to a different system (which has its own 15min timer) and shoot a drone there, and repeat until your standings to both trig and edencom are positive.

If you start from 0 to Trig and 0 to Edencom, killing two or three drones (and getting two or three different standing ticks) are enough for this process to make you positive to both at 0.01.


Thanks, i do know how it works, my post was more about help in “actually doing it” in exchange for some isk. :wink:

I would tell you to join our discord for USIA, but our boss who would be the one to help, is away from his pc at the moment until next Wednesday. You could still join and maybe another staff member can help guide you in. But thats all they can do to help.

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