Triglavian Standings

So as I see it the only way to gain standings with Trigs now is to kill EDENCOM ships in high sec or kill sleepers/drifters in Trig space or high sec.

Is that right?

If so the tick over is like 0.05% each time which is a joke.

PLEASE tell me there is something coming that will help increase standings.

Sleepers do not give standings. Only very specific Drifters give standings - the ones in empire space do not. You can kill drones, but only the drones in Trig space give standings.

You missed a zero…

you’re right :joy: :joy: :sob:

So I tested how bad it is to gain Triglavian (and Edencom) standing in Pochven by shooting Drifters. I had never tried to grind NPC standings before so I wonder if these things are normal, particular to just Drifter/Trig/Edencom standings, or maybe just a bug:

-got my first tick 10 minutes after shooting the first rat
-second tick took longer, about 13 minutes, although I shot rats continuously
-third tick even longer, 17 minutes. Then 21 minutes
-the amount of standing awarded fluctuated for no discernible reason. Once I literally shot the exact same kind of rat (Hypnosian Upholder) in two different ticks, but the first tick gave 50% more standing than the second

Shouldn’t a tick always be exactly 10 minutes? If you continuously kill rats in other space, do you get a tick exactly every 10 minutes for a given system?

And why would two ticks where the same rat was killed award different standing? Obviously you receive less standing the more you already have, but this has no practical effect yet when you are at 0.0, as I was.

If the longer ticks are intended, I guess it is so to force us to roam from system to system… except that that isn’t possible without standing. Hopefully just a bug?

Also, after receiving the third tick with a 21 minute delay, I shot a couple more rats, but never got standing for them. What gives?

I don’t remember them ever being reliable … and why would they.
They’re not particularly high priority,
so I guess the machine gets this stuff done when it gets it done.

What I’m missing here is the actual numbers you got per tick and the corresponding timeframes …
… in … like … a graph … hell … do it in mspaint or :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, super interesting.

Well, supposedly you get only the standing reward from the highest-value rat you killed per tick, any other rats killed are meaningless, even if you killed a million. So the ticks should better be exactly on time. If I sometimes get a tick only every 30 minutes instead of 10, it means I need 3x longer to grind the standing which is of course unacceptable.

At least I found out that you can see for exactly which rat you got the standing by mousing over the entries in your standings log. According to that, the standings hit from Drifters are like this:
Faded Hypnosian Sentinel -0.016
Hypnosian Upholder -0.012
Faded Hypnosian Warden -0.008
Aroused Hypnosian Sentinel -0.022
Drifter Navarkos Cruiser -0.025
Drifter Assault Cruiser -0.022 (pretty sure there is no entity that has this display name)

The derived positive standing for Trigs is of course much smaller, I list the Drifters because the numbers are larger, so less rounding.

Here the time between ticks is visible: 10 minutes, then 13, 17, 21.

The ‘Drifter Assault Cruiser’ is the wreck name for named Drifter, there is also a Drifter BS.

Otherwise, yea, looks about right. Derived for Triglavian standing is +0.005 for the 0.025 Drifter kill…

That said, there is fek all to do apart from looting wrecks in T space anyway, so all rather pointless.

A couple of groups are moving in to farm it, otherwise, expect less than 0.5% of players to engage with it… - CCP prioritisation needs a long ferking hard look at itself, but hey, ever the same.

If the current Sisi build goes live on TQ as it is, the standings increase will massively rise, up to >12 times on some entities of what it is now.

So what’s the conversion rate bad-drifter-standing to good-triglavian-standing again? 10%, I think?

The highest triglavian standings increases I’ve gotten so far …
… were 0.004 and 0.005 in two subsequent hits …
… for being quite active in an NPC fleet fight.

Anyhow, you’ll have to repeat all of this after the next patch. : - )

And no, ticks were never exact for anything …
… but usually they just accumulate from one tick to the next.

0.005 Was the best I’ve seen. I don’t know about any standings change on SISI.

It’s a bit strange too because if you chose one of the high sec empires then there is a multitude of ways to gain standings quickly… but this is just grind killing drifter BS ships.

It’s lucky that drifters don’t have the mini doomsday in T space but still I don’t know ANY other aspect in EVE where there is only 1 means to an end.


The standings gain mechanic is either buggy or weird. Testing a bit on Sisi and I get standings for rats I definitely didn’t kill. Like the text says I got standing for Aroused Hypnosian Psychopomp, and that rat was on grid, but I didn’t kill or even shoot it. (But I like that we got horny sleepers now :<3 )

And in one tick where I killed only a few weak rats I get a large increase, then in the next tick where I killed more and more dangerous rats, and where the tick took twice as long, I get only half of that.

If there is a hidden modifier that intentionally punishes continuous grinding, we should at least know about it.

edit: Got my Trig standing up to +0.13 with only three ticks btw, so while still slow, it’s not completely unreasonable anymore.

I disagree. We should figure it out ourselves.

Those who figure it out are likely having an advantage over those who don’t …
… and then might think twice about sharing that information. That’s good!

I’m all against CCP helping me having it easier, though I appreciate the standings increase that’s incoming.

It has always been easier to lose standings than gain them. If a player wants to repair their status they grind or buy tags.

Perhaps both sides should start to drop tags in a future patch? Who knows if CCP want a catch up system like that?

Has anyone filamented into a border system that isn’t either Senda or Arvasaras? I used like a dozen border filaments (on TQ and Sisi) and always ended up in one of these two.

Maybe the destination depends on where you activate them from?

Maybe, but on one occasion I activated them from a backwater lowsec in Molden Heath and still ended up in Arvasaras. There are three other border systems that were much closer on the map.

Something about standing gain was nerfed with the last patch. I had grinded +3 standings with two characters before the patch, getting -0.3 or even -0.4 ticks with Drifters most of the time. The last two days I did the exact same thing with the exact same ships with other characters and I’m only getting -0.1 ticks or sometimes -0.2, not a single one -0.3/-0.4. So it takes about twice as long to gain the same amount.

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