Trig Standings


Wanting to gain Trig standings in the easiest way possible, could someone tell me the best way to go about this on a solo basis please?

New to all this Triglavian stuff but want to be able to use the Pochven region gates, to get standings to 3.0


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It’s hard to say as things keep changing but the easiest is still probably shooting EDENCOM in their victory systems. Kill a tower or a big ship every 15 minutes until the Trigs respect you sufficiently.

Alternatively, you can go to Pochven and kill Rogue Drones or Drifters/Sleepers. Killing these won’t tank your EDENCOM standing (you’ll even gain some) but I’m not sure it is easy. The drones don’t give much standing and the others are not at all easy to kill, especially solo. There is also usually plenty of EDENCOM here too to shoot.

Here is a link to some of the most recent info:


Thanks Black Pedro, I’m actually currently in Pochven sniping the drifter/sleeper ships from 200km off in an Oracle for 0.01 Triglavian tick per 15minute timer…

there has to be a better way than to do this for another 185 ticks * 15mins, which is 46hrs until i reach 3.0 Trig standing… i must be missing something!

You are not missing anything. You are observing the same thing everybody else is. It is why some of us are very upset about this content. The guys who fought for Edencom are much worse off.


You are not and you are already better off than before. You are not supposed to get all cozy with the enemy within a few hours. This is how it has been since EVE’s beginnings. Getting higher standings always takes lots of time.

You should be getting more. EDENCOM battleships and Drifters should be giving you 0.05 or more per tick. Also, once you get to 1.0, you can ping between two border systems to increase the speed.

But yes, getting to 3.0 will take time. Not the insane amount as on release, but still at least 10 or maybe 20 hours of play I guess. I’m not sure Rogue Drones are even worth it, other than perhaps to get quickly positive with both EDENCOM and the Trigs. They do say more combat anomalies are coming, so maybe that will decrease the waiting time, but it isn’t going to make this trivial.

There is an in game channel called Pochven Hunters… they grind Trig & Edencom standing…
I’ve been using a sniping Oracle which hits at 200km and can overheat range to 250km…

farmed my way up to 2.5 Trig and been keeping Edencom positive (0.0x) by shooting them periodically inbetween Drifters and Rogue Drones…

I started the day today at 2.13 and am at 2.5 now… so its not too bad and working out quite nicely, should be done by the end of the weekend getting Trig to 3.0 and keeping Edencom in the positive.

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