Benefit of getting standings with Trig vs Edencom? vs Staying out of all of that?

I’m curious what the benefits are.

Is Pochven worth getting bad standings with Edencom?

I’ve heard there is a third option, which is killing rogue drones, which can get you standings with both. However, I’ve also heard it is considered an exploit?

Getting dual standings is not an exploit. There was, however, a brief window where you could get standings from running regular regular drone exploration sites outside of pochven. Regardless, CCP clarified somewhere (possibly on the Edencom Discord -I’m not going to look for it), that getting dual positive standings was not the exploit -it was getting it through an unintended means.

Anyway, I can’t tell you if pochven is worth it or not. You’ll have to ask the guys that live there. However, if you do not have a good reason for not having positive standings with the trigs, I suggest you get them. It makes navigating around a lot easier and a lot less dangerous. Here’s a guide a wrote a little while back. Everything is still current except, now factions have a tendency to spawn at certain celestials.

Okay, here’s a link to the relevant patch notes if anyone is interested. But the TLDR is:

  • Trigs - Stations and Coduit Loop Stargates
  • Edencom - sites (I assume this means anomalies, but dunno) and celestials (such as planets)
  • Drifters & Rogue Drones - Wormholes
  • Conflict Zones - Planets, Stars, and the Dazh Liminality Locus (the best places to go for those looking to get dual standings).

No P2W

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If you want safer travel through either high sec or Pochven, yet are not looking to get involved in shooting either Trigs or Edencom for loot, try to get a small positive standing to both.

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Uhh not getting shot by trig gates or hit by trig gate camps all for the low low price of killing 1 rouge done. There really isn’t a reason not to

Is this even a thing nowdays?

Yes, I lost a venture going on its way to cyno for my JF do to this. IDK if they are in HS but they are in LS

Other players can still kill you in Pochven without consequences, right?

Is it still better than some of the alternative routes, I guess?

Yes, people can kill you in Pochven, it’s similar to wormhole space (people don’t show up on local unless they talk and no CONCORD to protect you there), but the Triglavian and Edencom NPCs there will leave you alone if you have the standings.

The Pochven route has certain benefits over other routes.

If you want to move from anywhere in space, including far-away null sec or wormhole space, you can use a filament to Pochven, wait out the 15 minute timer and then use another filament out of Pochven which (depending on the filament) can land you just a few jumps out of Jita. There is a random factor, but it’s reliable at getting you out of dangerous faraway space to (most likely) high sec.

Filaments are very random though. An alternative way to quickly travel all across Eden is to use wormholes. While wormhole spawns are random, you at least know where you’re going if you have scouted a chain ahead, and can return the same way back if the wormholes didn’t collapse.

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I didn’t think there was a way to get standing with Trig w/o losing it with EDENCOM. I mean, there was for a hot minute, but CCP lost their marbles over it.

nah just killing drones in trig space will do it.

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