Erosion of Invasion standing benefits

This post is mainly addressed to devs and CSM.
I hail from former TTT Trig leadership during the invasion stages of Trig content. Everyone is waiting in the wings hoping for something good to come of pochven but so far nothing great has come of it.

I understand the reason behind allowing everyone to travel the main pochven loop is to engage more ppl in the content you worked hard to make but it does erode the value of trig standing. To be sure you understand, you just gave the entire server population the benefit of 3+ trig standing and with a few minutes work they can travel the loop easier (no Trig or Edencom aggro on gates) than edencom or trig players that ground for months.

The erosion of trig standing has forced me into a new cost benefit analysis. And I find that trig standing is mainly cost now with alot of restrictions on the ‘Silk Road’ in empire and the added threat of edencom in pochven mentioned.

To resolve that cost I would have to grind a couple thousand hours to recover edencom standing versus minutes for a new player, in a now more populous enviroment. I emphasize, the players that made pochven have to put in thousands of times the effort to more freely travel in it than those that did not.

Seriously. That. Is. A. Joke.

Since you can give the entire server population that +3 standing benefit I see no problem giving some benefit to people with trig standing to resolve this laughable discrepancy.



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Forget the CSM, they are behind it, and blame Phantomite in particular, he publicly took credit for telling CCP to open gates. Envy and resentment of the lazy and ignorant. What you can’t blob must not exist.

I have no problem with them opening up the content just the change in cost benefit for trig peeps that is unaddressed.

This is the most entitled thread this week.


What about great ISK earnings? Running all those flashpoints certainly had some effect on peoples wallets.


Welcome to EDENCOM 6 months ago.

Yes it sucks and no it isn’t right or fair.


The title was taken.

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The recent free travel is quite nice for edecommies so a bit of pew pew and shortcutting around empire is much easier now.



Welcome to the Edencom world. Hopefully you like it how your rewards and fought for consequences are being taken from you.

Let’s hope that even the last fool now sees that CCP is a rotten pile of crap when it comes to new content.


At least with good triglavian standings you can use stations in Pochven. Edencom standings give no benefits at all with rise above 0.01.

The smart people aren’t, we knew what was going to happen :slight_smile:

Honestly not sure why people who live in Pochven haven’t just fixed their standings already, you can be positive with both at which point there are no downsides in empire in the least

I mean, its far lower than that when done properly, especially given the current event has standings related boosters

I have heard from dozens of Trig folks since this change went in, and I have passed these concerns on to the Devs.

That being said, I don’t understand why there’s a need to grind Edencomm standings now for anybody who previously had Trig standings.

Edencommies should have gotten their own reward as a resolution of Chapter 3. Along with Pochven they should have created some Abyssal Deadspace Entrance Nuclear Matrix Apparatus ADENOMA in bastion and other Edencom systems to dive into stabilized Abyss. Agents, missions, exploration, resource gathering, boss fights. Like Pochven, but different. Mirrored in some way.

See the issue here is, there is a difference in what the sides were fighting for, triglavians were invading to claim systems, EDENCOM was trying to prevent that, so the rewards match those goals, the trigs got their space and we prevented even more systems from falling

Asymmetric goals means asymmetric rewards but its very nature, because otherwise its just a counter invasion in to their home which goes against the reason EDENCOM was formed

Dude, easy:

When invasion ended with loss of bunch of systems they reorganized EDENCOM into COMEDON guerrilla retaliation organisation.

From lore standpoint the Invasion is a frustrating experience. Ok, they got the systems. To do what? What are they doing in there? Live happily ever after? Play proving with drifters and rouge drones endlessly? No story development, no goals. No meaning to Pochven beside farming grounds.

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So that they don’t get attacked in Edencom Fortress and Minor Victory systems. :facepalm: That was the only real, tangible consequence of supporting this triangle garbage and it was taken away 1 second after the invasion ended. Bei and Sasta/Tanoo were 3 systems that caused Trig supporters actual problems because they cut the universe into 3 pieces and not just 2. But just by shooting a few drones in Pochven, they were able to negate any previously acquired negative edencom standing and still gain trig standings. Whoever thought that this was a good idea should be tried for substance abuse.

In grand CCP screw up tradition, all consequences for trig supporters were wiped out instantly. But no one with positive Trig standing should have ever been able to get positive Edencom standing by shooting Rouge Drones, Drifters, Sleepers or whatever else creeps around in that triangle craphole. Maybe they should be able to get up to -1.0 to ease the “fixing of mistakes”. However, in order to get positive trig standing, you should have to shoot trigs. Make a decision, live with the consequences. As CCP proclaimed for the invasion. CCP screwed that up big time and Edencom supporters never received an apology for turning everything we fought for into nothing. It was high time that trigs suffer the same experience.

Anyone can now easily travel in Pochven, but without standings it’s still very hard to live there without station facilities.

I would have thought that the residents of Pochven would be happy with the increased activity in their ‘dead’ region.

As an edencom player i wasn’t expecting any kind of rewards, the events sole purpose for existing was to create the Pochven region as a place to farm for triglavian related loot to build the ships, there wasn’t some grand plan or massive story behind it all, they just gave you that as a way for you to help decide which systems would end up in the region, they expected serenity to actually try to fight for the event which might have increased the number of systems taken quite a bit, however they went full edencom and ruined that idea

So now we just have a smal lregion of space for the triangles to call home and for players to have triangles to shoot to help make more triangular shippies

Serenity made the right choice in sabotaging CCP. As was made clear by them back then when they invalidated all Edencom efforts right after the invasion end and now with easing up access to Pochven, supporting anything that CCP throws at is a folly.

Tranquility made the wrong choice by supporting this CCP garbage and actually fight for Trigs in this hideously designed, developed and executed content.

And as said, I am not even expecting rewards besides our F/MV systems. It is not in CCP’s powers to come up with good rewards answay. All I expected was that CCP stands by their words for longer than the half-life of a Einsteinium atom and keep consequences in place for all involved parties and not just 1 side.

Ha-ha, enjoy your roams, no more isk printing in isolation