Asking for a bit of clarification about the Invasion

@CCP_Dopamine I understand that you’ve already mentioned that not being able to “win” a system for the trigs is working as intended. If so, that’s fine. The thing myself and many other players are wondering is if there is any point to siding with the trigs at all. At this point, it seems to be where EdenCom can fortify a site, yet there are two examples to my knowledge where systems pushed into trig control doesnt seem to do anything. With that happening, a lot of trig players who aren’t as into the story as I am are losing morale and either changing sides, or just dropping the conflict entirely. So my questions to you are not asking for details that would spoil the event. Just curious as to if there is a point to siding with the trigs, and things will play out in time, or if EdenCom was rigged to win from the start. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


If you never explain the rules, then nobody can ever challenge your assertion that the system is behaving as expected.

While I understand not wanting to give everything away, CCP are asking people to play a game but refusing to explain how it’s played. They should not be surprised when people turn around and decide not to play anymore when the rug is pulled out from under them.

The roll out of this content is shamefully bad. Even the rules suggested by the interface aren’t really the rules. Except they are for one player. Just not for you.


I agree with that. Not knowing what will happen and keeping things under wraps is fine. Just a tad of information would be nice, and other than the “working as intended” comment, we’ve gotten little to none. A ton of people both in my discord and on the forums are confused so I’m just trying to get some clarification without completely dissing CCP since the release of information is ultimately up to them. But I appreciate the reply.


The particular “crime” here is that the interface is the only guidance players have. It clearly shows the same progression for both players, but only works as advertised for one player.

This is a major UX failure and should not have made it through refinement, never mind UAT.

Players don’t mind being the underdog. Players will pick the side that is disadvantaged. But when you clearly indicate both players are playing the same game, and only tell one player that actually you lied to them only at the point that they’re winning, well that’s extremely uncool. Especially as they are watching their opponent follow the exact same rules and succeed.

The response that the Triglavians motives are inscrutable was extremely patronising


I really dont think I couldve explained it better myself. My feelings to a t.

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According to reddit posts, there is a way how to progress, players just didn’t find the key to it. Also CCP admitted that they didn’t communicate that part clearly … but if this is true, why not just f… tell us now???

In the end this sounds more like, oops players were too fast, we couldn’t finish our unfished content yet. Because if it’s just communication, they could just tell.


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