Invasion content biased toward EDENCOM

Howdy! So I spent all day in Aldik yesterday grinding the system through two tiers of liminality… and for our work, the system disappeared from the Agency window and no further progress was possible.

The Edencom team already has fully reinforced systems, and will essentially win every remaining system as no more pro-trig fleets are willing to waste their time for no payoff.

CCP indicates the event is ‘working as intended’, which seems to mean the trigs were just designed to lose. The war is already over day 2.

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Is it? Do we know yet how this plays out? For either ‘side’?

Is there a tutorial I missed? What is “grinding liminality”?

TL;DR: one side of the conflict is confirmed to be useless farmers that whine and quit at the first sign of adversity or less than expected payment for their farming.


One sentence is too long for you to read? Okay.


Imagine that. The home side has an initial advantage. While the invading force has a harder time.


Honest question: do you ever contribute anything of value to this forum, or do you just post idiotic trolling comments to see if you can start a fight? Because I sure haven’t seen anything constructive out of you yet.




Continue the Campaign against New Eden, We have merely lost one battle the war is far from over. The Triglavians will Dominate all of New Eden!


Said the pot to the kettle.

You literally just jumped on the thread to post condescending nonsense about people who are frustrated at fighting uphill. :stuck_out_tongue:


We shall find our place in the flow, comrade.

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That’s fair, I guess.

Great! Can we all go back to normal now?

We stomped sites for like 13 hours to make the little bar red. When we succeed, it just disappears and no further progress is possible. The same activity on the other side has resulted in unbreakable Edencom fortresses.

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Yeah I visited the thing too. Saw the little hauler, it was neat. :slight_smile:

I thought this was the new normal.

It’s hilarious that CCP saw overwhelming support for Triglavs and decided that wasn’t okay. So they needed to exercise their deus ex machina powers to make sure the outcome is what they want it to be.


Isnt there just going to be more things pop up? Im seeing three systems with activity on the ole Agency Scanner, wassat mean?

If by “less than expected payment” you mean “no apparent ability to do anything at all” then yeah, I’d quit too. They’re not mad about ISK, they’re mad that as of now it appears impossible to reach final liminality and have the Trigs take over.