Triglavian Victory!

I think everyone should choose Triglavian for the coming battle as they invade New Eden to make it where we won’t get concorded in high sec anymore after they conquer New Eden. Down with Concord! What do you think about this?
Link = The Final Battle for New Eden


Excellent idea. However there is a chance, that by doing such a revolution concerning the fundamental mechanism on which this game was created, 17th EVE Online birthsday celebrations might be the last ones that we all experienced.

I take it if we side with the Trigs, then we won’t get shot at by them in asteroid belts anymore?


Get out of here with your unfounded conspiracy theory, please.

Putting aside the very poor English here you have a significantly flawed premise. You’re presuming that the Triglavians intend to conquer empire space when all actual evidence points to them targeting only a few systems where the primary stars fit the necessary properties for harvesting.

So even if the Triglavians win every system they invade it’ll only be a subset of empire space, so Concord gonna Concordokken.

Also, conquered systems without Concord response won’t be High Sec anymore.

Also, if everyone chooses to support the Triglavians who’s gonna harvest their loot and salvage to make shiny new ships for you to fly?

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All that doesn’t matter just choose Triglavian.

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Too many of my friends have been harrassed doing honest mining work in belts in high sec. I will smash everyone of these trigangular douches that invade k-space and even take the fight to their home in the abyss to teach them whose boss.


Someone needs to tell those miners to calm down, I think


Traitor! As a honorable Triglavian suited person you should vote straight Triglavian!


:red_circle: I hope that everyone who sides with Trig 5h1ts will lose docking rights in all empire NPC stations. If not and if you can just shoot at empire forces however you want and don’t have to face the slightest repercussions that actually matter (no, getting hunted by Edencom in invasions is not a tangible consequence), it would just be yet another farce made by CCP.


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Those capsuleers who side with weak and cruel Trigs are traitors and empires will not forget their role in this, and punishment will be fitting.


The Triglavians will rule all of New Eden, you wait and see.
Hail the Clades! Join the Triglavian Invasion!


I am no Triglavian! I wear the skin of my prey :wink:


Because choices should have consequences, right? EVE is supposed to be dangerous, right?

Or is that only for people who make choices you disagree with?

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These are disingenuous questions. But I’ll humor you in case you’re not a troll.

No one is arguing that there shouldn’t be consequences. But you’re conveniently ignoring a key issue. There already ARE consequences and “danger”. You gain/lose standing based on which side of the fight you pick.

The issue is why you specifically think player should lose docking access to NPC stations.

Again, it’s not a disagreement. It’s raising the issue of why you think the extent of the consequence.

CCP also wants people to play their content which they’ve worked so hard to make.


But do we want the trigs to rule all of New Eden?

Of Course, why wouldn’t we…

I wouldn’t say all of new eden. I’m sure we can give each of the empires a whole entire system. To share.

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