Triglavian pod killing and the paradox of high-sec space

Referring to high security space as “high security” while simultaneously allowing NPC fleets to gank players in a matter of seconds is entirely paradoxical. It’s one thing to allow NPCs to destroy player ships, but to allow pod killing doesn’t seem justified. If this was the development team’s attempt at forcing players out of “high security” space, it’s confusing how they could not predict the players they would alienate by essentially negating the purpose of high security space altogether. I don’t believe high security space should be so grossly mislabeled when many of the systems have anything but high security, or the entire concept of accessing Triglavian minor victory systems in high security space should be overhauled/nerfed/thrown in the dumpster.


I think Triglavians should include warp bubbles in their high sec gate camps.


I hear that if you play the game, you can make the Trigs an even better bunch of security friends than CONCORD.


Last time I looked even rookie ships have a directional scanner that shows trigs, and they all have access to the map …

The paradox is that people keep mistaking high-sec for no-thoughts-required


Also I think that Trig Stealth Bombers should be a thing.


Ooh, I wants one

And a trig skiff that makes ice explode

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And Draugurs with micro jump field generators.

Triglavian bomb runs on the Jita undock and the gates around it. I like it.

Well. Trigs are still active but Edencom are impotent. CCP should be consistent on Edencom’s Purpose to fight trigs. If trigs appear in perimeter, Edencom should also appear and let players support whom they want to support.


See there isn’t a paradox, because you’re under the incorrect assumption that high sec = safe, when what is actually the case is that high sec = safer than low sec but not entirely safe

Once people correct their understanding to match reality there isn’t a paradox :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re also under the impression that trigs are the first NPC’s to do this, they aren’t, WH NPC’s and FoB rats podkill aswell so this isn’t new or unjustified

Sure they are, just like your major cities are “policed” and deemed “safe”, the police can’t prevent someone from breaking the law they can only punish it when they witness an infraction, and concord have never dealt with anything NPC related ever, so they are working exactly as expected

See thats where people are mistaken, EDENCOM was only formed to prevent invasions and protect systems from being taken over, which they did, so now they police the systems they ended up taking control over, just like you won’t find caldari navy NPC’s floating on gates in minmatar space or amarr NPC’s policing gallente systems, while EDENCOM is made up of members from all 4 factions they still count as an entirely separate force and only police their own space, they still have to follow empire rules unlike hostile NPC’s which can do pretty much whatever they want :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not surprising. Just like RL police with big fat belly.

As others have mentioned, highsec is relatively safe, but never completely safe.

Also NPC’s have been podding players since Drifters.

So, high security doesn’t mean zero risk. There are no safe spaces in Eve -only spaces where it is less dangerous than others. Moreover, the Triglavian threat is easily circumvented for most people with only a modicum of effort.

All that being said, I don’t think that the post invasion trig content is particularly good content. It doesn’t seem to be particularly rewarding, it’s easily circumvented, and it mostly seems to be something that catches new and returning players off-guard. Thus, it mostly serves as something to piss players off and/or make them question dev competence. Of course, I had heard that HS trigs were designed to combat highsec botting, but I don’t have a source on that, and I am doubtful that it would be all that effective anyway. So, I dunno. Perhaps there is some factor that I am failing to consider, but it’s looking a whole lot like a misstep to me right now.

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“High” is not the same as “full”. A well policed country or city still has crime, a high security prison still has crime.

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Pod-killing NPCs is a stupid game mechanic.


Why? From what I read pretty much everywhere “pod kills are just part of the kill”. Serious question.

When NPCs didn’t pod kill people, that built up a certain ethos around it - so players weren’t expecting to be podded, even by other players. It made it much more intimate when a player pod killed you. Now it is just one more “shrug, whatever” moment.


It’s high security, not absolute security.

It’s not a question of overall risk level, it’s about agency. Players ganking other players in highsec is a good form of danger. It keeps the game from being too easy and boring but both the danger and the counters to the danger are fully within the control of the players. If you lose a ship it’s because another player out-played you, if you fail to kill your target it’s because another player out-played you.

Contrast that with god-mode NPCs where there’s no player agency involved. You just roll the RNG dice and see if a god-mode spawn appears and effortlessly obliterates your ship. There’s very little you can do to stop it and the NPCs did nothing to earn their kill. That’s immensely more frustrating than any loss to other players and it needs to be removed. NPCs should never be the focus of the game like this.


Some interesting and good points there. Have players be the risk, not so much NPC.

Still, afaik the only NPC in high sec that pod are the Trigs? As you enter a system that has them you get a warning and you can get standing with them avoiding the issue entirely.