Triglavian in Perimeter: Proof that Highsec has no strong alliances and just consist of selfish Capsuleers

Triglavian blowing ships in perimeter is beautiful to see. If you have no strong alliances and no team work, You can’t defeat the triglavian. Just suffer the consequences. Highsec are just consist of selfish Capsuleers. Let Highsec burn.

So, assume you had a strong alliance. How would you defeat the triglavian menace in Caldari highsec? Please give as concrete a plan as possible, including plans for how to sustain the activity for as long as it takes.


Triglavians blow up ships in low sec, null sec, and wormholes too.

Guess there are no strong alliances anywhere.

Or… maybe your criteria isn’t really well thought out.


Don’t ask me. I want highsec to burn. Long Live the Drifters.

Well, that was the most boring troll to feed there’s been on the IGS for a while.

Come back to me when you know what you’re talking about instead of just wanting to smacktalk.


If that’s happening in all space. It’s a proof that capsuleers are just good in destroying other capsuleers. Let all capsuleers be swept. Triglavian are enemies of Drifters but we are in agreement in what they are doing with capsuleers.

Now you’re getting somewhere. Cluster’d probably be better off without us.

But while there are Capsuleers, other Capsuleers are needed to protect people from Capsuleers, unfortunately.

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You don’t need an alliance or cooperation in highsec, because the very few obstacles can trivially be overcome solo. Why share or waste time on coordination then? Exceptions are wars and ganking.

This is partly true in lowsec, but wh, nullsec require coordination and groups to effectively live. That’s why people bond together there.

Yes, sure, let Triglavians do the work that good old capsuleers are not capable of doing anymore because they have become too fat. :rofl:

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Badly disguised trig propaganda in opening post. :mask:

Your thought process has no logical pattern to follow.

The only distinguishing factor between high, low and null security zones is the readiness of CONCORD and the major political empires, not capsuleers. So I’m curious why you would pair a desire with ‘high security to burn’ with a complaint against capsuleers since the two don’t really have any correlation.

Hate your own kind egger? deactivate your clones and self-terminate, no matter what colours you wear it doesn’t change what we are underneath.

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Mostly cuz as smut goes, that’s some pretty weak-ass crap. Do better next time.


I was there, losing ships and clones while fending off Trigs.

Shame our leaders couldn’t bother to provide what was needed for capsuleers with lesser wealth to achieve more efficient outcomes. We lost our space, our community is shattered and isolated because your leaders let it be so.

Funny triangles cause property damage in hisec. :thinking:

Usually good pickings too if they catch somethin’ 'spensive so no complaints.

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