Triglavian Invasion of High sec rant

Excuse me, but can anyone explain the real reason behind the Triglavian Invasion? I, like many others live in High sec. We duel, mission run, explore and mine etc and it severely impacts on us. For example, i have a Paladin, mission runner stuck in system, as, to get back to agent i have to risk going through Triglavian occupied system. It just seems that our “routes” are being blocked to drive us elsewhere? I.E. low sec, null sec? If that is the case, then just say it. We live in High sec and seem to be frowned upon for this. What do you, CCP, want us to do? Be driven out? Leave? Realise our “place” of not being worthy or compliant enough to “play” your game? PLEASE. If you respond to this post, use some decorum and manners. Bulletin! Just been contacted to say i should fly with friends, not alone. Maybe that’s what it is about? Get rid of the lone players who just enjoy the game on their own? If that’s true, then, honestly, good luck with that and say goodbye to a lot of new players. In closing, can i just say, i enjoy EVE, and have done for 12 years in one guise or another, but…

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While the rest is quite ranty, I’ll answer this: CCP is redrawing the map of New Eden for what is next. They needed to give the Triglavian some space on the map for some upcoming features, and they decided to carve it up with this Invasion.

It is almost done. This quadrant ends in a few weeks. What comes next, I can’t say but this quadrant was to lay out where Triglavian space is going to be.


I can’t, but perhaps this might help: the Triglavians are an NPC faction with whom you have standings. Like most other factions, standings can be improved. You can improve your standings with the Triglavians by shooting some EDENCOM ships in an invasion system, where public fleets are common. Once your standings with the Triglavian faction is >0.00, you should no longer be aggressed by their gate guns and roaming fleets, as I understand it. After that, you can move freely through invasion systems, including your mission hubs.

Please do not compare your inability to farm menial content at maximum ISK/hour with the real-world suffering experienced by the targets of racism/bigotry/etc. You are not a martyr, you’re just bad at EVE.


good point. thanks for your reply

trust me, i am anything but a martyr :slight_smile:

o7. fly safe

No, I saw the point. You’re trying to compare the “harm” you have suffered because your menial farming in your imaginary internet spaceships game is slightly disrupted with the significant real-world harm caused by racism. It’s completely absurd and offensive and nothing of value will be lost if/when you ragequit.


point taken and post edited o7

Came into this game as an escape. Excuse me if i went to far. o7

accept my apology?

Just wait and see what CCP has in stock for the next chapter. It’s annoying, and it will stay in some form, but certainly not how it looks like now. BTW, it’s much more annoying in lowsec as it interferes with PvP in a negative way.

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o7 Tipa

So sorry my post “came” out wrong.

We invaded Trig space, started popping them.
They retaliated and invaded us and are doing the same.

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They wanted our Blue stars but it turned out that they just want to mess with our time.

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Please excuse the noob question, but… can you have standings above 0.00 with BOTH Triglavians and EDENCOM? Or is it an ‘either/or’ scenario? Thanks!

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No worries. It’s my understanding that invasions were designed to be “either/or” when it comes to standings.

Either / or … at the start there was a period of borked standing changes, so you could get both factions neutral by benefitting from “CCP round”. This is fixed now and it is afaik almost impossible to achieve.

The real reason is that CCP recognizes high sec players are unwelcome in the game. CCP hates high-sec as well as PVE players in high sec. They developed Trig invasion to obstruct activities of those unwelcome players in high sec. Either these unwelcome players move to low and null sec or just leave the game.

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