Triglavian Invasion of High sec rant

The real reason is that CCP recognizes high sec players are unwelcome in the game. CCP hates high-sec as well as PVE players in high sec. They developed Trig invasion to obstruct activities of those unwelcome players in high sec. Either these unwelcome players move to low and null sec or just leave the game.

Except it harms lowsec much more than highsec. The real reason IMO is that CCP’s new generation doesn’t understand sandbox gameplay anymore.

If players do something unexpected with a “brilliant“ idea it’s perceived as a threat or discouraging event. The result is more and more rules, restrictions, RNG elements, PvE oppression, and finally instanced gameplay to funnel the gameplay of players into predictable paths the devs can keep control.

Essentially EvE is slowly transformed into a “normal” MMO, where the narrative is heavily dictated by the developers and complexity is instanced away.


You can shoot EDENCOM npcs, but dont complain you are later exploded by a gunstar/can’t go thru some chokepoint to another high sec region.

The most silly person I met was someone trying to equilibrate their standings in a fortress system, only to be immediately podkilled by NPCs when landing in an asteroid belt.

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i wish this was what i had penned in the first place! Well said. o7

Honestly the people left at CCP have no idea WTF they are doing as of 2020. The original designers of this game have long moved on. The ones with even a little talent also fled in great numbers in the past few years and those that are left now are complete trash. They honestly are likely to glee at torment of the players stupid enough continue to pay for this game in 2020. They are similar to the hardcore player base here that glee at tormenting other players its kinda of a match made in hell they deserve each other.

Why are you here, boy?

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Both of these conditions are unfortunate.