When is the Triglavian event going to end? CCP's timescale?

Returning player here. Been away for years and never really got started with EvE the first time, so basically starting from scratch.

Anyhoo, this Triglavian invasion has to be the most irritating, rubbish content i’ve played in a game, ever. I don’t like forced content.

Even though I have just re-subbed, i’m considering un–subbing again and coming back in a few months.

Have CCP given any timescale on when this nonsense is going to stop?


Why is it impacting you? And how?


The current chapter in the invasion will end this month but the Triglavians themselves and the changes to the map resulting from the invasion are expected to persist.

The Triglavians currently control 49 of the 7805 player accessible systems in Eve: 23 final liminality and 26 minor victories. They’ll probably add a few more by the end of the month but there are still lots of places to play that are completely unaffected by the invasion.

Edit: actually the end will be at the end of this quadrant which will probably be October 13.


I guess its a series of unfortunate events and lack of skills etc and its frustrating that I feel I can’t get started with the game. I’m stuck in a star system, with a Triglavian invasion on one side and low sec on the other. I can’t leave via the triglavian system as I get shot down either by triglavians or pvp players and when I go though low sec, i get shot down at a gate by pvp players.

Lost a few ships and pods this way. Was hoping to care bear it for a bit until i found my space legs again but all my gear is in another system and I just feel stuck.

Edit - October 13th? Thanks Do Little, I might save myself £10 and unsub.

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One option is to undock in your pod - it can probably align and warp quickly enough to get through the camps in the Trig system. You can also set your home system back to your starter system so you will wake up in a safe place if your pod is destroyed.

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Thanks but I did try that, after I lost my frigate and then standard corvette. My pod got insta locked by a triglavian fleet before I could do anything

Then do the other thing: Set your homestation to a safe place and use the trigs as your personal teleporter.

Or go through the lowsec system. Lowsec really isn’t that scary, imho.

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Yeah, unless you have unplayably long latency, that isn’t a thing. Pods insta-warp and if you start spamming warp while your ship is dying, you will always get away, in high and lowsec anyway.

Certainly you can get into warp after undocking while you still have invulnerability. You can just warp out of that system, and travel pretty much anywhere there isn’t warp bubbles with little risk. The only thing that might kill you would be a smart bomb.

Forget your stuff for now and don’t use a free corvette. Just move to your new home in a pod and then start again. Maybe even head back to a career agent system and get the hang of the game again, and some new ships and gear as rewards.

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Dear enemy,
I’m afraid I must express my displeasure at your quite inconvenient invasion. Frankly you seem to harbour what might be perceived as latent hostility.
I must request that in any future invading, you take great care in not bothering me.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this grave matter.

S. Tender


as others said you are doing something wrong: pods are instawarp, and low sec means no bubble. So you can easily escape via low sec

Dunno wahat to tell you, I was spamming warp and I got locked and podded :frowning:

How long ago was this?
There was a short time period where the guardposts the Trigs have on gates were literal instilock but that has since been changed to a much more reasonable time.

Also if you haven’t done so in the last year it is possible to remotely reset your medical clone to a more accessible system, then medical clone to there.
I also assume you had no jump clones.

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Wow, whine much?

Easy solution to your “problem” instead of whining.

A. Sell your stuff in station.
B. Set your death clone to your starting school system.
C. Undock your pod and get killed.
D. Awake in your school station, safe and sound.
E. Buy new stuff and play.


You must realize CCP employees post on the forum to fanboi up various things they’re pushing, and to offset any uprising which may be occurring, such as with this vandalizing of their own game. CCP hasn’t mentioned a schedule regarding this. If they had, we’d all be playing 90s console games until that day, then log back in to the real EVE once again.

However, they’ve allowed some sophomoric wizard free reign to doody all over the great EVE map, and must go with it to save face. No viking ever wants to admit to making a mistake, you see.

SO…one day…we’ll all look back on this and…gag. Until then, keep your chin up. And, avoid all this Trig nonsense. We wouldn’t want to encourage such behavior in the future.


One can only presume you have not looked up the definition whining.

An “irritating” way to introduce oneself, imho.
It’s EVE Online. Find ways or quit.

Another way: Start a new Char in your exisiting account. Newbro Systems are definitely not infested by trigs. Learn to fight them or get a better standing, so you can pass through trig systems. And then solve your problem.

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There are no Triglavians in Project Discovery, either. You can also go to wormhole space or nullsec to avoid them.

You’re welcome!

I have a question to that. Even if I have good standings with Trigs, I can still be killed by players camping near gate right? I assume that Niarja is an example. You cant travel through Niarja at all. At least you are in pod or sth. So good standings are useful only when there are only Trigs at the system?

You are right, the standing doesn’t bother any pirates.

But I crossed Niarja in a 15’000 ISK Shuttle. It is not impossible. Be aware of your session change cloaking, you’ve got lots of time to check your surroundings. And click “jump” even before you arrive at gate.
And of course: Don’t autopilot.

Yes, a clever player can work around incompetent devs all day long. Y’all, EVE playerbase! Workarounds R Us!