Trigs are Back?

Not a fan of the whole ‘Trig invasion’ stuff. Didn’t find it interesting, and still don’t, but I am very happy for those players that loved it.

The Invasions supposedly ended awhile ago (Oct 14 with the launch of Phoenix), and I was thrilled. Didn’t see them anymore, figured it was over. Watched the whole new Pochven space open up for players who were really into the invasion and thought, ok, that’s pretty cool for them. Those players get to enjoy the kind of content they like while the space I normally fly in returns to normal. Cool for everyone.

So boy was I surprised yesterday when I was moving through a .8 high sec system to find a Trig gate-camp that insta-popped me (and my pod). I’ve googled and didn’t see anything about the Trigs returning. This morning, I see even more Trig kills/podding in the same system.

Does anyone know if this is a ‘one-system’ thing? Is the invasion really not over and I just misunderstood the Oct 14 Phoenix announcement previously?

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This is CCP’s idea of game design - nerf highsec ganking to the point that people stop doing it. Then add a Halloween event where everybody gorges on highsec kills. Then add NPCs in random systems to instablap everybody. I expect further revisions on this theme of random gameplay.


Your post makes me scream internally…
… and OP’s post annoys me greatly …
… because he’s yet another isolationist.

Dear OP …

… Trigs are here to stay forever …
… or at least for many, many years.

If you don’t like them …
… please contract your stuff over to me …
… because that’s the game now and you don’t get to isolate yourself from it.

No one does.
That’s how it is.

You’re very welcome.


If going to Pochven and killing one NPC makes all of the Triglavians harmless, then how relevant is the Triglavian threat?


The Trigs are back in town!

They actually never left. They like to occasionally pop through wormholes from Pochven near where their new systems used to be to mess with people they have a beef with.

Word is they only shoot people who pissed them off in the past. Is it possible they are just getting some revenge for some bad things you did to them in the past?


Based on the obvious douchery of your reply, I suppose I am gratified to hear that simple questions seeking knowledge annoy you.

I can ‘isolate’ myself from parts of the game as much as I please, thank you. You have zero control over that, thankfully.

Trigs are here forever? That’s cool with me. I am not forced to go to Pochven, and have no plans to. I am happy for folks who are enjoying that content, though.

No, I won’t contract my stuff to you - again, your douchery is amusing, but misguided.

I am simply looking for info so that I -can- avoid them - and mark my words, I will - with or without your assistance, thanks! Taking longer routes to avoid affected systems is something I am used to doing (and doing safely), but I was simply looking for intel on the latest Trig ops.

Please continue your internal screaming. I am glad to hear that my way of playing a sandbox game brings you so much angst.

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Sorry. I guess I’ve seen one too many threads not unlike this one.

It seems that in the long run …
… you will be unable to avoid them.

I have no idea why you bring “my way of playing” ■■■■■■■■ into this conversation.

Anyhow, the sandbox got extended.
The NPCs are now an active part of it.

Your best bet is gaining standings for both Triglavians and EDENCOMs …
… and hoping that both sides will ignore you just like your friends always do.


I don’t recall ever killing a single Trig. When I first encountered them, it was an insta-pop-and-pod for me. I then delved into the details and avoided affected systems and continued enjoying the game.

But based on CCP’s own announcement from ~ a month ago, the invasion is over, and I hadn’t seen any sign of them in the areas I fly until today… I had no idea they were ‘back’, and asking folks in game generates responses like ‘They weren’t trigs, you must be mistaken’ to ‘maybe it’s a bug’, and so on, so I thought I’d ask here.

I expect d-bag responses, but I also hoped to get at least one or two responses that might provide an actual answer. You say they apparently pop through wormholes in systems near where they used to be - this helps, and I appreciate your sharing that info. That gives me something to look into.


Just like me, but I still know they will shoot me. Why didn’t you know?

You can see your standing in the interaction tab. Supposedly they don’t shoot neutrals like they did before, but maybe they do.

In any case the complete list of all systems Trigs can regularly spawn in is in the appendix to this document:

But I would say that is just the most likely list. It’s not clear yet which rarer wormholes will bring Trigs to Empire space. There probably is always going to be a risk they might show up anywhere, so you might want to make friends with them.


It’s obvious you have issues with people who choose playstyles different than yours, or who play the game a different way than you expect them to. It’s sad, really, but hey - you do you.

If seeing ‘too many threads unlike this one’ gives you so much heartache, here’s some advice: don’t read them. The title of the post gives you a pretty good idea what’s inside. If you anticipate the irresistible urge to provide pointless snark - simply don’t click the button to open the post. Pretty simple fix.

Someone else had recommended gaining standings with both groups, but apparently that’s a ‘loophole’ that’s been closed with a patch not too long ago? I very well could be misunderstanding the whole point of the ‘Invasion’, but the gist of it to me was that you’re a friend to one/enemy to the other. No fencepost riding (after all, if that’s possible… then what is the point?).

But if this IS the ‘solution’ to not being shot by either one - how hard would it have been for you to say that - and just leave the d-baggery behind?

Not sure what the ‘friends ignoring’ me part was about - seems like you might be projecting some personal issues onto strangers on the internet - I don’t know. I get along with my friends just fine, but thanks.

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MB ThePhotographer,

I think you’ve missed the point of my OP. I know Trigs will shoot me. I have no problem with that.

But according to CCP’s own announcement to the world - the invasion is over. Trigs have formed their own turf, which is cool. 27 systems disappeared from the map, interrupting old space-lanes and forcing us to find new ones. Ok - cool too! No problem so far.

I didn’t see a single Trig for weeks (which I assumed was because of the events, above), but suddenly I go through a gate in .8 space NOT in Pochven, and as my screen fully loads - POOF, my pod is toast.

So - I was just curious as to the details, and what’s actually going on. I am far more ‘surprised’ than ‘upset’, by any means. I had no idea Trigs were on the other side of the gate camping it, and if I did, I could have easily taken another way around.

Hence, my search for info. I did some googling which didn’t tell me squat, so I thought I’d ask in the forum dedicated to the game.


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Can you explain what you call a “playstyle”?
Because I doubt it really falls into the category of “playstyle”, but I might be wrong.

And you really need to learn how to handle words.
They’re doing nothing to you, you know?

Anyhow …

They’re roaming. They can show up anywhere.
If you haven’t seem them in a while that might just have been luck.


Awesome! Thank you again for the info - and the link. You made coming here worth it. o7

I haven’t been playing much, more because I’m afraid of bugs more than content. “I” believe you have to plan your route very carefully. Check for types of stars in your route, etc. But till figure I it all out, I don’t undock in something I cant afford to lose. At this point in the game, best advice seems be is to gain standings for now.


Not sure why you are so full of angst, but based on your regular tone you seem to have issues with anyone who plays the game differently than you do. If you can’t understand that, written as simply as possible - YOU might very well be the one who should learn how to ‘handle words’ a little bit better. Just some friendly advice.

Actually, I take that back - you just have… issues in general. Good luck with that, sincerely.

So - I’ve completely avoided Trig encounters (on several accounts) over the past month by sheer ‘luck’? Okies, I suppose that’s possible, and that’s good to know. Of course, you could have easily said that in the first post, short, sweet, and simple, without the chest-pounding. Instead… well… you do you. :slight_smile:

Indeed it is … : - )

There’s no angst. You’re just sitting on a really high horse with nothing to back it up.
That’s always funny. It makes people like you type a lot and also makes you ignore the important parts,
because you can’t help yourself and just keep responding to the irrelevant ones. :slight_smile:

I guess I should add that having good standings with both parties means you’ll have no issues with them for the time being.
“For the time being”, because we don’t know if that’s ever going to change.

Thanks for the input MB. I get what you’re saying, and the last part is what’s caught my eye the most.

I guess I need to dig into the faction consequences a bit more. I remember reading that there was an ‘unintended’ way of gaining faction with Trigs without harming EDENCOM faction by shooting rogue drone structures or something, but that was supposedly fixed. Different folks tell me different things about the faction and how to befriend both (I keep hearing conflicting stories). But I will look into it.

I was mostly curious if something had ‘changed’. Sounds like Trigs have still been randomly appearing in various places in high-sec still, and I have just been lucky enough not to encounter any since Phoenix dropped.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Good thing I’ve been playing this game so long that statement doesn’t send a cold chill up my spine anymore. :laughing:

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