Can someone hit me with the TL;DR for Trig Invasions?

TL;DR: If an invasion is going on in the current system or next door, is it safe to undock in high-sec and carry out my normal mission-running?

I haven’t played regularly in 4-5 months, and only have a couple minutes to write.

I log in, and immediately see all sorts of gibberish in place of… I want to say the system name and station name over on the left. I’m worried my Locale or Language settings got corrupted during an upgrade or something. But I notice other key components of my interface are in English.

Then I see mention of a Trig invastion or something in a next-door system. It shows me all sorts of flashy stats, this is increased, this is decreased, etc. etc.

What’s the deal? Can I ignore trig invasions to the same extent I ignore incursions? Obviously if my shields / armor / whatever are affected, I’ll take notice and adjust. But like… is high sec now significantly more dangerous to be in when / where there’s a trig invasion? Or is that content I specifically have to seek out, and otherwise it “leaves me alone” ?


I wouldn’t do anything where you have to sit in free space uncloaked for some time and are not able to defend yourself. No, a mission battleship can’t. Fast paced burners may be ok.

I didn’t hear yet from mission runners getting attention from trig rats, but I would not be surprised about this being in their code.

There are a couple public fleets around that content, so you may join them for some variation of play. I like the new stuff so far, it’s like the old events, but will stay hopefully.

Find fleet.
Use MWD/Cargo expander fit Inty.
Race to loot. piss 40 people off at once.
Get nothing else but the loot you get by getting to the wrecks first.


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Afaik, no NPC will enter a gated mission site. I’ve had them engage at belts, anamolies, stations/structures, gates, and random spots were I have left an MTU or even sat and just probed from. They may or may not be involved in a mission where no gate is present (Damsel,etc), but I have never been bothered,…yet.

I have spent a limited amount of time (I’m guessing nine hours total) in “Trig Invasion” space, in a helios (covert ops) and a thorax (cruiser).

I used the helios to scout and observe player interactions, and evaluate whether, during my time zone, ninja salvaging was occurring and to what degree. I did witness characters salvaging other characters’ wrecks, but only after the wreck owners/creators left sites. I never witnessed characters “stealing” salvage while the dps players were onsite, though there are wide spread reports of this happening.

Invasion entities seemed to take no notice of the helios, either on the gate, uncloaked (note, I did not linger at the gate), or in the sites (cloaked)…with one exception, I was cloaked watching a named invasion entity…a Zora something or other, and by watching I mean the active looking option in the interface, and not just the general watching the battlefield option…and from the moment I started “actively” looking at this entity, this npc left the npc group attacking the dps player and slow-boated in my direction. It was the only npc that did this. I was astonished at the behavior, as it seemed to “sense” my ship. It completely ignored everything else happening on grid to travel in my direction, and it continued to slow boat in my direction for well over 35 kms, until I ceased “looking at” it. Once I returned to the “look at my ship” option the invasion entity returned to the rest of the npc trig invasion group battling the dps player character. Whether this was a bug, or unintended chance based behavior I’ve no idea; but, I have never seen another npc “appear” to be aware of a covert ops ship in covert mode in game.

As to the thorax, I had read a player could continue missioning in an invasion delineated area. Now, I don’t mission but I wanted to test the accuracy of this statement, so I ratted until I got a DED escalation in “Trig Space” and ran the escalation, in this case a Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse. This DED as it happened took place in the invasion origin system, so I had to travel through two other invaded systems to reach the site. I met invasion entities on the gates (again, I did not loiter, but travelled through as quickly as I could) and was not attacked, despite at times there being a full compliment of invading npcs hovering around the gates. I think the closest the thorax ever came to one of the invading npcs was between 3 and 4 kilometers. I particularly watched this as I was expecting to be attacked at this encounter, but the ship made it through the gate.

I D-Scanned on a regular basis while running the escalation and could see the npc trig invaders on d-scan, but at no point was the escalation “invaded”. In the end, I scooped my loot, left Trig Space and had no encounters with the invading npcs, whatsoever.

Having written all of this I do want to point out one, what I feel to be, Important fact: this was the first time I had interacted in any manner with the Triglavians. I’ve never run an Abyssal site. Since a lot of the game’s interactions are dependent upon “standings”, my lack of “standings” may or may not have played a part in my experiences.

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You can go ahead and mine and/or mission as usual. Just don’t shoot them and you’ll be fine. :+1:

Mentioning the looking at seeming to draw an action, I had an incident where I had Triglavians,Serpentis, and a pair of Lancers paired with Cassandra Tyranos. All of them intermingled. While the Sepentis and Triglavians agroed, the Lancers and Cassandra initially ignored me and stayed at distance. After engaging the Triglavians and Serpentis for a while, I happened to notice that Cassandra had travelled 25+ km and was amongst the remaining Triglavians orbiting at under 10km. She never agroed, but I could see a player easily accidentally targeting and agroing her as she joined the swarm of red triangles. Since I’ve seen KMs up to Marauder class attributed to her, best be very aware of where she’s at if she shows up on your screen.

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All invasion systems has drone nerf. Which for me, as for mission runner , is a big ‘no go’, cause it hearts isk (fun) / hour ratio. It takes longer to kill very same NPC, which is no fun.
I suggest you get second base of operation far away, but in same race space. So you just jump clone there and get going.

just remove the drifters/lancers from your overview when you are doing this activity.

Trigs on gates is a big difference compared to Sansha incursion. And a popup warning that you are about to enter an Invaded system. They don’t prevent warp, but they do a lot of damage and can wipe out autopilot haulers. (Who should be stopped by the popup warning; re-enabling autopilot after jumping is a bad idea.)

CCP’s TL;DR for feature changes is still regularly posted, on

I was running some missions for my research agents and when entering Jufitte I was attacked by some Triglavians(?). It does not sem to be a very player friendly thing. to do Luckily I was using a Viator with some reasonable tanking and was able to escape without too much damage. There were a number of player owned wrecks just outside the jump gate so obviously others had be caught. If I had been using an Iteron Mk.5 things might have been different
This has annoyed the hell out of me. Not because I want to be “invulnerable” or anything but it does seem to me that it goes against CCP’s claim that EVE is a “sandbox” and not a “theme park”. If I wanted PVE or PVP I would conciously make that decision. To have it forced on my has really put my back up.

Not in my case. I was attacked whilst in a Vaitor and as you may know Viators do not have any weapon slots

But you saw the warning before entering the system? It was your choice to take the risk, that’s what you asked for.

That is exactly what you want.

Are Viators not Blockade Runners?

Speaking from experience, they are under precisely zero threat from the Triggies.

Yeah, you are right … lol. But I’ve seen dead BR fits with improved cloaking devices, who knows. :wink:

Spoiler alarm

Improved is the wrong cloak, you must fit a covert ops cloak.


In a theme park you would have been protected from the consequences of your actions. In a theme park, you get PvP only when you want it. This is the sandbox, actions have consequences and PvP isn’t always consensual.

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