Ship for Trig invasion?

Hey guys,

Somewhat interested in the trig invasion. Kind of want to check out some of the systems that are currently being “scouted” by edencom and trig. Any ship recommendations? Im alpha with a lot of disposable cash and im about 4mil sp deep into heavy/light missiles, shield tanking (passive and active), drones, and gallente/caldari ships (bs for caldari, cruiser 4 for gallente). Just interested if anyone has a ship w/ fit they like to play with in these systems. Cheers.

Side note: current exploration ship is passive shield gila.

I use to travel by some Trig invaded system, and only see Edencom wrecks…
I would never do it solo unless it was a suicide mission in a T1 frigate just to test them.
But I don’t even know if there are anomalies you could warp to, or how the invasion system works at all.
Has it something to do with filaments? I don’t know.
I’m sorry I’m interested also in the discussion but may be not of help.

There’s various video source of confusion that adds up to my discontent.

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So I guess the filament portion was part 2 of the invasion. That tps you into a safe pocket of space somewhere in oblivion. You then fight trig invaders and at the end have a chance to do some pvp.

The 3rd portion is the trig are invading actual systems. I ran some combat sites in an edencom bulwark system and didn’t so anything super special. I was thinking maybe it replaced some anomolies with possible edencom/trig sites but I wasn’t 100% sure. Someone said to avoid those systems, but that doesnt seem like fun.

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